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  1. I solved the problem by "undo" immunization on Opera cookies in Spybot-S&D: Run Spy-bot S&D Click on "Immunize" Right click anywhere on the list, and choose "Deselect all" Check the box next to "Cookies" in Opera 7+ section Click "undo" on top of the screen Run Ad-aware, and you should have no more crashes. :angry:
  2. I think it is somehow related to Spybot S&D's immunization function. The problem went away after I updated Ad-Aware definition to 0027.0000, but after updating to 0028.0000 it started to crash again at scanning Opera profiles. I remember running Spybot immunization before updating to 0028.0000.
  3. Any progress in tracking down the problem? It went away when I updated definition to 0025.0000. But Ad-aware crashes again after updating to 0026.0000. Still, it can't scan Opera profiles.
  4. Other security programs installed on my system: XP Pro SP2 with all the latest updates Spybot-S&D with Tea Timer McAfee Intenet Security - SecurityCenter 7.2 Build 7.2.147, VirusScan 11.2 Build 11.2.124 ZoneAlarm Basic 7.0.408.000 Acronis True Image 9.0 Build 2,323 Opera 9.23 Build 88.08
  5. I too have problems running Ad-Aware 2007 V7.0.2.3. It was running fine before I updated it to Now it crashes every time when it starts scanning Opera 9.23 profiles. This is the MS error reporting tool detail screen shot. I have the memory dump files, but I can't upload the entire ZIP. It's >10MB, and my U/L speed is low. Maybe the server timeout is too short. appcompat.txt manifest.txt aawservice.exe.mdmp.zip