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  1. I reported that Ad-Aware 2007 free keeps crashing yesterday. Each time I have tried to run a scan it crashes and I get an error report which I click on and send to Lavasoft. So far nothing. I realise that this is personal software that they are supplying for free, but judging by the number of other postings with the same or similar problems, there is clearly a bug of some kind. What are Lavasoft doing?
  2. I have been using the free version of ad-aware for some time. Just recently with the 2006 version I found I couldn't perform a full scan. When the scanner reached my Photoshop Elements program it crashed. I was OK doing a smart scan although I don't think it was finding as much as it did in the full scan before it reached the point where it crashed. I have just updated to the 2007 version. I had hoped that my problem would have been resolved. In fact it is now WORSE! I now cannot complete any kind of scan. Whenever it reaches Photoshop Elements the scan comes to a halt. Does anyone else have a problem like this? And if so how did they resolve it?