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  1. If you have any of the half dozen decent security suites available and a copy of (free) ccleaner.exe, then you aren't paying for much of anyting in terms of real benefits, even if the you were getting a valid code. With the pro version you get real-time cookie blocking so scans and deleting afterward shouldn't be necessary but how hard is it to delete cookies. I've used AA for several years and it gets harder and harder to justify. Now that it doesn't even work right, out of the gate -- fuggettabowit. I don't have to pay money to be treated like this for so little benefit in the long run. sh
  2. I bought it today, 7/2/7 and I got the email with the serial number right away -- unfortunately it won't validate. I sent a note to support but this is very disappointing. What I especially don't like is that Lavasoft knew about this problem but said noting about it when I purchased. I feel cheated. I don't want to do business with a company that treats people that way. I want to be protected from those sorts of companies. Now we'll see what hoops I have to jump through and how long I have to wait to get a refund.
  3. With Adaware SE Pro 1.061, onc eyou bought the program, you were entitled to updates for def files -- no time limit. But Version 20077 appears to be a one-year license? This is new policy for Lavasoft? If I'm mistaken about 1.061?, how does one check the license in 1.061?
  4. Actually, I checked when I got home and "minimized" was already checked. Curiouser and curiouser. . . sh
  5. Thanks for the reply. I thought I had that feature checked, but I must have missed it when I set up the last time. sh
  6. When I boot my PC Adwatch starts automatically, which I want. However, the log pops up when AdWatch starts. Is there a way to make it not pop up automatically? tia, sh