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  1. Hmm, don`t know if they want fix anything in v. 2007 ..... why there will be a new one ?? For 64-bit vista only ?? No support until today, wow !! They must love their business :-) And yes, i believe 2008 is beta-testing, also free until outcoming RC. Want you be a beta tester ?? You don`t need v2008, you may stay at v2007, i believe its the same .. I`ve had bought 2007 Plus in September 2007 and gave it a chance till February 2008. Failures in updating - e.g. authenticity NOT verified nearby every update -, no support from the techs even using the support page and at least, this was the first security program which messed up my laptop uninstalling it ...... Now i have a guilty licence until 9/2008 .... and not in use. Oh ... and until today there is no ability to use this program in your native language, beside english, french and now spain!! Wow ... really international, isn`t it? Ok, i have to say this is MY PERSONAL MEANING, everybody has to decide by itself. Hope Lavasoft soon will be change its strategy of ignorance and complacency against paying private consumers. regards Tevion
  2. I am very angry about the security level of AdAware. Most problem is that nearby every automatic update there is this D*mn red cross - look here: What solution is there, except to delete the core.aawde or uninstall and reinstall? What can i do? What can support do for me? I have never had such problems with any security software. Did anyone else have the same problem? For a quick solution is invited. Tevion
  3. Hi, i`ve found a few remarkable things about AdWatch. What does it besides eating recources? See following sheet - what means that - remarkable, an autostart security programm which does NOT run, never! And why does AdWatch not support DEP? Another question is why AdWatch will be treated in Windows Defender like a stranger, no classification there since months ago. And most important why is it there no integration in Vista Security Center, other security programs like Avast!Antivirus or VistaFirewallControl are integrated without problems. I would be feel more secure as owner of a paid product - paid in trust of a well known corporate - there will be answers good answers for my questions. Thanks in advance Tevion
  4. Hallo CalamityJane! OS is Vista Home Premium 32-bit. And thank you, i have had contacted this adress in past. Only suggestion was to reinstall what i have had done. What i have even done again - and Adaware2007 Plus runs again how it should. Probably until next automatic update? But that can`t be the solution. Thats my opinion. Tevion PS.: Next Adaware2007 Plus runs Vista Firewall Control (Adaware2007 is allowed everything ), Avast!Antivirus Pro and Windows Defender.
  5. I am sorry i have to say this software seems to me nothing worth. Justification is I have running on my pc security software from different producers, never have had problems with updates or other difficulties. Until i installed AdAware2007 Plus. Many different failures, no support althought i have a paid version. So i uninstalled Adaware 2007 plus once again. A few days ago i thought to give this product a last chance (finally i have paid a lot of money for it). Update arrieved and all seems to be good! False thoughts, after automatic update today there was the same failure again. --------- authenticity verified - red cross ---------------- No further discussion about security aspects of Adaware2007. But what shall i do with a security product which does not secure me? With a support who does not support me? Althought i have paid for it. Independent of the unability of lavasoft to make available a language pack for all important languages, the product will sold finally worldwide, i think that its a shame for such a famous producer as lavasoft will be. Finally i have to say i would not complain about this incidents if this were usual introduction problems. But the program is out on market since June 2007, released for OS Vista since Sept. 2007. And it not only looks like a stand alone problem of mine but many others have the same or similar troubles. Hope there will be soon a solution, validity of my licence runs out in 229 days! A verry dissapointed customer.
  6. Hallo Support und Entwickler, es tut mr leid um euer vormals wirklich tolles Programm AdAware. Diese neue Software AdAware2007 ist für mich als Konsument eine Zumutung. Ich denke es wird mehr Kunden geben, die sich als zahlende Beta-Tester fühlen. Für mich ist es leider zu spät, mein Geld zurück fordern zu können, ein weiteres Mal kommt AdAware2007 weder als Plus noch als Pro und natürlich auch nicht als "Freeware " auf meinen Computer. Niemals wieder. Heute morgen folgender Fehler - Meldung definition file ok, aber, leider red cross und links unterhalb verdeckt durch das GUI die Aufforderung zum Webupdate (bei jedem zweiten Update!!) - sehr lustig, ja?: und weiter gehts: und hier der Rest des Update Wahnsinns: So, und was jetzt ????????? Ich hatte gehofft, mit dem letzten Update würde zumindest eine Verbesserung in der Programmstabilität - neuer Update Manager - eintreten, insgeheim hoffte ich auch auf ein multilanguage Sprachfile, das ja bei anderen Herstellern mittlerweile üblich ist, denn Software wird ja international verkauft. Naja, hatte ich mich halt getäuscht. Ich wünsche dieser Software-Schmiede, der anscheinend Gewinnmaximierung vor Kundenzufriedenheit geht, für die Zukunft alles Gute. Ein sehr enttäuschter Ex-Kunde Tevion PS.: anbei Versuch Programm wieder zu aktivieren - Ergebnis wie folgt nach Löschung des Definition Files wohlgemerkt ein Webupdate, dann: zuerts dieses Bildchen: dann klappts anscheinend: und dann schauts so aus, juhuu, erfolgreich: denkste, selbes Ergebnis wie anfänglich (ich erspare uns das Bildchen dazu) PPS.: Habe das Programm mittlerweile deinstalliert. Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.
  7. You, [email protected], and most of all other customers regardless buying this software or using the free version are waiting for this language files in their native language. To implement french as second language is not more than a random event for my opinion, or even not? What want Lavasoft us say with such an helpless action? I dont know. Sorry Lavasoft thats no customer support.
  8. Good suggestion, don´t touch adaware2007 ..... in my opinion it is beta software. Not more and not less. Keep on your old Adaware SE it will full fill its task how you will be expect. Tevion
  9. hi bad feeling, i have to agree you, plz see my post here: http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=14544 Same expirience. best regards tevion
  10. For all without german language knowledge: Why I write in this forum today? Because I am angry, incredibly angry. As consument with a paid version of adaware2007 plus I feel mildly "verarscht" - please excuse the expression hearty. Since installation in september 2007 there were only problems. Essentially up to today there is at almost any automatic update an error message: "Authenticity verified and the great red cross" Error messages are already at the start of the program when it tried to update. Despite inquiries at support and also here in the forum (in english) there was never given a meaningful answer or even a solution! The solution given in the faq is nice, but for a betaversion only i think and not for a program, which is sold officially. THIS CAN NOT BE A SOLUTION to delete the file core.aawdef. Today I have abandoned after FOUR-EXPERIMENTS including a restart of my pc. Error message: can not connect to webupdate server. Server is busy!! WHAT IS THIS?? At the same time my virusscanner updated WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. Now this program is completely erased from my computer. I also will certainly never again say a well speaking word about this company with the worst support i have ever seen before. There are for example dozens of legitimate inquiries regarding to a translation of the program in the respective native language, these are simply improperly answered like no chance before next year or similar answers. After more than half a year on the market! I unfortunatly know i wasted my money buying this product and nobody will give me back my money. Only a few companies means consumer satisfaction is still something important. At my opinion apparently the most companies prefer fast money. A very disappointed consumer. Tevion
  11. Warum ich heute in diesem forum schreibe? Weil ich sauer bin, unheimlich sauer. Als konsument mit einer bezahlten version von adaware2007 plus fühle ich mich gelinde gesagt "verarscht" - entschuldigen sie bitte den deftigen ausdruck. Seit installation im september 2007 gab es nur probleme. Wesentlich ist, bis heute gibt es bei nahezu jedem automatic update eine fehlermeldung "authenticity verified und das tolle rote kreuz" Fehlermeldungen schon beim start des programms, wenn es versucht upzudaten. Trotz supportanfrage und auch anfrage hier im forum (auf englisch) kam nie eine sinnvolle antwort bzw. eine lösung! Der lösungsansatz im faq ist ja nett, aber nur für eine betaversion und nicht für ein programm, welches offiziell verkauft wird. DAS IST KEINE LÖSUNG, das file core.aawdef zu löschen, ausserdem habe ich heute nach VIER VERSUCHEN - dazwischen ein neustart des rechners - aufgegeben. Fehlermeldung: cannot connect to webupdate server. server is busy !!!! WAS SOLL DAS ?? Zur gleichen zeit läuft das update meines virenscanners OHNE PROBLEME. Ab sofort wird dieses programm restlos von meinem rechner gelöscht - ausserdem werde ich sicher niemals wieder positiv über diese firma mit diesem miesen support ein wort verlieren. Da gibt es z.b. dutzende legitime anfragen bezüglich einer übersetzung des programmes in die jeweilige muttersprache, diese werden einfach abgewürgt mit der lapidaren antwort, das sei in arbeit, vor nächstem jahr keine chance oder so ähnlich ..... nach mehr als einem halben jahr am markt! Das ich mein geld in den wind schreiben kann, ist mir leider klar. Schade, nur mehr wenigen firmen bedeutet konsumentenzufriedenheit noch etwas, wichtiger ist anscheinend das schnelle geld. Ein sehr enttäuschter ex-kunde. Tevion
  12. hi support, as a paying customer of adaware2007 plus i am very disappointed about slow development and obviously ignoring needs of customers (e.g. introduction of language files - not everybodys native language is english). I am aware of that the implementation of a programm under vista is a very hard job but its a shame for developers to sell a product that is obviously immature and flawed - look at the bug reports. In my opinion the number of post in connection with occurring bugs don`t reflect the real relationship because of many people don`t complain about this abuses. Hope there will be a significant improvement soon. I will give it a chance as long as my license is guilty, there are 284 days yet. regards Tevion PS. even i write this lines down there passes next error announcement like almost any other day before: authenticity verified / red cross!
  13. Thanks for answering hoping there will be a solution soon. Greetings Tevion
  14. hey guys, i am sorry to say that adaware2007 plus causes too many problems on windows vista at this moment on MY pc and i am very dissapointed about that. (possible it may depend on different pc-configurations, but that should not be a customer problem??). i`ve bought this product as known very reputable in the past (adaware SE). since installation at the middle of september 2007 there were different issues forcing new installations to solve, where all more or a fewer pointed out at this forums. now my installation of adawre2007 plus showes every 2, 3 days authenticity verified issues after starting programm update automatically. ok, there are descriptions in the faq how to solve this little problem, but i am not motivated to uninstall and reinstall just for fun all few days. (and i hate this red cross!!) its just my feeling, but every beta definition update before of the real update seems to force this issue. (i dont download or install beta definitions!) hope there will be a solution soon - and please, uninstall and clean reinstall can not be the solution! regards tevion
  15. hi tobias, thank you for answering, hope it will be finished soon. regards tevion ps.: no problems with program since last update :-)