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  1. louiskam

    Stop definition support?

    Which version mentioned allows me to NOT activite its "virus defence" features at all?
  2. louiskam

    Stop definition support?

    I've PCs with Win XP & Win 7. Like many other users, each system has more than one antivirus, malware cleaning & firewall programs. One program of such runs at the background constantly while the rest of them run at demand to avoid software conflict. I tried yours beyond V9.51 and had all sorts of issues similar to those mentioned in your forums. So, I'll stick to V9.51 until Lavasoft has a better malware cleaning only replacement or when its life circle end. Thanks for your kind consideration to this.
  3. louiskam

    Stop definition support?

    I also update mine to 151.0340 now. I won't upgrade to those NOT for malware cleaning only.
  4. louiskam

    Stop definition support?

    Got my V9.5.1's last definition update to 151.0336 on Oct.12, 2013. No more so far. Is it just me?
  5. louiskam

    Latest definition file update?

    It gets me to 151.0096 now. Thanks...... In the future, does Lavasoft has a blog or something to tell us its update issues?
  6. louiskam

    Latest definition file update?

    No definition update since Feb.7, 2013 (151.0089) for V9.5.1. Any issue?
  7. louiskam

    Free V10.4

    "... If Ad-Aware 10.4 detects an incompatible antivirus program during the installation, the on-demand version will be installed...." What if it detects a compatible antivirus program during installation? Could I still just install the "on-demand" version AND without its security browser toolbar?
  8. louiskam

    Latest definition file update?

    Its slow but working now. Thanks Cecilia.
  9. louiskam

    Latest definition file update?

    Not quite.... "Overall progress" at Update Manager screen shows no progress after getting the "core.aawdef.file size 5110kb". Now my "Last Update Details" shows "11/07/12 0001.0000" instead of "151.3" mentioned at http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/securitycenter/blog/definition-file-update-for-adaware-769.
  10. louiskam

    Latest definition file update?

    My V9.5.1 free version gets no definition update after 2009.0150.1010 on Oct.31. Is this version still get update?
  11. louiskam

    mc49 - splitted topic

    Mc49, have you tried using Windows Add/Remove feature or the 3rd party removal tool, like Revo, this time?
  12. louiskam

    Boby - splitted topic

    His was "... Windows are XP Professional with SP3 and all updates received after installation....." in late August. BTW, the definition update is working again on my V9.5.1 this morning to 2009.0150.1005.
  13. louiskam

    Can't Uninstall Adaware antivirus

    Any free versions newer than V9.5.1 seems to have the anti-virus feature build-in..... and can't get rid of just that.
  14. I'm using the free V9.5.1 as it doesn't have the AV feature. I heard that V9.6 has both the "AV" [u]and[/u] "Security Toolbar" features but the user can choose NOT to install them. Is it true, Cecilia?