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  1. Spike, Thanks for your suggestions: 1) It seems to complete about 75% of the scan in about 15 minutes. Can't see where it is getting stuck. 2) Don't see the point of skipping files of this size. Why bother with Ad Aware is this is the case? 3) No haven't tried this - but again why would I need AdAware if I do this? Support suggest switching off the firewall (!). Sounds to me that there is a problem with Ad Aware. mercurius
  2. Hi, Spike, It's built into the AVG Internet Security software. Regards, mercurius
  3. Spike Thanks for your offer of help. The answers to your questions: 1) OS is Windows XP 2) Antivirus software running is AVG Internet Security v7.5 3) AAW Plus 2007 4) Yes, I am running v Thanks, mercurius
  4. Whenever I set the scan to run it is taking hours for the scans to run. Yesterday, I sent it to run and at the time of writing it still hasn't finished and it's been running for 15 1/2 hours. This can't be right. Can anyone please suggest what may be wrong and how to fix it? Thanks, mercurius