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  1. After three uninstalls and reinstalls, finally got AAW not to crash on me. Now it won't do anything but update. Even after fresh updates, it just sits there and says "waiting for scanner" for hours at a time. Any help appreciated, please.
  2. Have been running/updating/running AAW for years without a problem. Ran update today, it seemed to go well, then tried to run AAW. It balked, said "waiting for scanner" and then popped this up: Since it was going nowhere, I figured the update snagged somewhere. I uninstalled AAW 2007 and began again with a clean install download from cnet. But when I tried to update it, the cycle began anew. Looks like there's something wrong in your update file(s), or something that doesn't work with Win2K. Any clues? Would appreciate geting my precious AAW back! Thanks. --scary