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  1. Hi Txnnok, Tobur and Peter, Well, believe it or not I finally got 125 manually down loaded and installed. First of all I am running Win XP Home, SP#3, with IE7 and fully patched and updated. Come to find out after reading Tobur's and Peter's responses I was unzipping the new definition into the wrong folder. I was putting it in C:\Programs\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware instead of C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware. Once I put it in the right folder I was off to the races. Once I had it installed I did have to switch from the 'Status' tab to the 'Scan' tab once or twice before the new defintion displayed correctly in the Status window. This is the first update problem I have ever had with Ad-Aware in the three or four years I have been using it. It is one of those programs you take for granted until something like this happens. Anyway, I appreciate all the guidance from you three in helping me get this 'manual' update completed. Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  2. Hi Txnnok, I have it downloaded and put it in C:\Programs\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware as you said. But still no cigar. It asked me if I wanted to replace the old file and I said 'yes' like you said, but still showing 124 in the actual program. I have to run to a church picnic right now. I will check back in when I get home tonight. The reason I couldn't find the file download is because I was to stupid to see I had to scroll right a little bit when I clicked on your link. Oh well, I guess that comes with age. Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  3. Hi Txnnok, I just tried your link but I can't find any place on it where I can download the 125 definition file. Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  4. Hi, I haven't been able to download the latest definition update (125). Someone suggested I download it manually. However, I have searched the Lavasoft site from top to bottom and I can't find it. Any ideas? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  5. Morning Txnnok, Nope ... still no luck in using the update feature. Still showing 124. I will wait a few more times before going the 'manual' update' route. I tried finding the link to go to the manual update and couldn't find it?? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  6. Hi Txnnok, I appreciate your insight on the problem. I will keep trying from time to time. Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  7. Howdy, Anyone else trying to download and install the new definition 0125.0000 of September 26th, 2008? When I try to download it Ad-Aware tells me I am up to date and my last definition file is 0124. What gives? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  8. Hi Peter, I had 40 + more days left on my license but this last ZA program update did me in ... and they are still working on it. I figured I might as well go with a free one that works and Comodo and Avast are zipping right along. Regards, 2harts4ever
  9. Hi Peter, Once I got rid of my ZAISS altogether and switched to Comodo Firewall and Avast Anti-virus, my Ad-Aware scans dropped to their previous levels for a quick scan (right around 8 minutes). Regards, 2harts4ever
  10. Hi bktrucker58, Do you happen to be using a Zone Alarm program? I was and once I got rid of it my 'quick' scanning time was back to normal. Regards, 2harts4ever
  11. Hi Peter and all, Well, I think I discovered the reason for my slow Ad-Aware scans and come to find Ad-Aware is not at fault. I uninstalled my ZAISS last night after experiencing some irritating problems ever since their new update came out a few weeks ago. In its place I installed a new firewall (Comodo) and new anti-virus (Avast). A few minutes ago I ran my first Ad-Aware Quick scan since the switch and it scanned 149,000 files in just 7:59. That is right back where it used to be at as far as time goes for a quick scan. I had always heard that ZA and Ad-Aware didn't play well together and this experience proved it to me. Regards, 2harts4ever
  12. Hi Peter, Sorry to hear about your 'better half'. Hope she mends quickly. It looks like several other folks are having the slow AAW scans too. The hang-up for me seems to be when AAW is scanning the files in 'Windows'. When it gets to 'Programs' it zips right through. However, some files in 'Windows' stops AAW right in its tracks ... sometimes for up to 2 minutes before it continues. Talk to you later ... Regards, 2harts4ever
  13. Morning Peter, This morning after bringing my program up to 'snuff' I did a little experimenting of my own. First I ran a 'quick scan' in Safe Mode and the results were: 135,636 files in 12:49 Second I ran a 'quick scan' in Regular Mode except I turned off my SuperAntispyware Realtime protection and my ZAISS Spyware protection: 149,612 files in 26:20 Third I ran a final 'quick scan' in Regular mode except this time I turned off my SuperAntispyware Realtime protection and by ZAISS Spyware protection plus my Virus protection as well: 149,626 files in 19:59 Talk to you later ... 2harts4ever
  14. Hi Peter and all, 35:24 for 149,301 files during a Quick Scan with def file 0120 I personally think this is way to long for a scan that is classified as a 'Quick Scan'. Is there any other forum folks who think this is an unusually long scan? Thanks and regards, 2harts4ever
  15. Hi Peter, I will keep checking too. Regards, 2harts4ever