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  1. Hello Jesse, I have a few questions regarding this issue. [list] [*]Could you list the security software (AV, Firewall etc) you have installed [*]Which Ad-Watch features are enabled. (Files, Processes, Registry, Network) [/list] I would greatly appreciate if you would test the following on your machine (you do not have to have Ad-Aware installed): ([b]Warning: your computer could potentially crash[/b]) [list=1] [*]Download and "install" Process Explorer (Latest version 14.11) from [url=""]here[/url] [*]Start Process Explorer with Administrator rights [*]Press Control + H to enable handle view [*]Find a process named 'System' (should have PID 4) and click it. [*]Thats it, please report any problems you encounter doing this. [/list] Thanks /Andreas - Developer
  2. [quote name='fp525' post='123599' date='Nov 9 2010, 06:07 AM']Thanks for testing. The Blue Screen occurs using the Process Explorer method for me too. I have also updated Online Armor to the latest version as well (, where it still occurs.[/quote] Thanks for the verification. I have found what I believe is the cause of this crash and notified Online Armor (emsisoft) about it. (Edit: [b]Online Armor have released a software update that fixes this issue[/b]) Regards, Andreas
  3. [quote name='fp525' post='123545' date='Nov 5 2010, 10:42 AM'][b]List of security software (AV, Firewall etc) you have installed[/b] Antivirus: Avast! 5.0.677 Firewall: Online Armor Antispyware: Malwarebytes, SUPERAntispyware (both are the free versions), Spybot S&D, Windows Defender [b]List of applications creating volume drives (like G:, X: etc), for example TrueCrypt[/b] TrueCrypt is installed. [b]log from the output of Handle.exe[/b] [attachment=8384:handles.log][/quote] Hello fp525, Thanks for the information. I could reproduce your crash on my test machine. At the first indication it seems this crash is related to Online Armor's driver, I could crash my test system even without installing/using Ad-Aware by doing the following ([b]Warning, your computer will most likely crash[/b]): [list] [*]Install Online Armor unless its already is installed [*]"Install" [url=""]Process Explorer[/url] (Latest version 12.04) [*]Start Process Explorer with [b]Administrator rights[/b] [*]Press [b]Control + H[/b] to enable handle view [*]Find a process named '[b]System[/b]' (should have PID 4) and click it. This causes my test system to crash. [/list] However, I'm investigating this issue further and will contact Online Armor if it ends up being a problem with their driver. Thanks. /Andreas - Developer
  4. [quote name='fp525' post='123500' date='Nov 3 2010, 07:30 AM']I am also having similar problems (see [url=""]this topic[/url]) - main difference is that it occurs [i]every[/i] time I start up Ad-Aware. I can't recall if it's caused by KernExplorer64.sys, though. Attached is one of the crash minidumps, if needed. [][/quote] Hello fp525, This crash is not the same as the previous one posted. Could you provide me with some additional information? like the following :[list] [*]List of security software (AV, Firewall etc) you have installed. [*]List of applications creating volume drives (like G:, X: etc), for example TrueCrypt. [*]And most important a log from the output of Handle.exe created by SysInternals. Download [url=""]here[/url] and extract handle.exe. Start a command prompt (cmd.exe) and change to the directory where you have handle.exe and then type: [b]handle.exe -a >handles.log[/b] then please attach the file handles.log. [/list] Thanks /Andreas - Developer
  5. [quote name='SvenB' post='123331' date='Oct 22 2010, 04:19 PM']I have the same problem... [/quote] Thanks for that crash dump! I will post when I know when a fix for this issue will be released. /Andreas - Developer
  6. [quote name='des_eagle' post='123291' date='Oct 20 2010, 01:55 AM']Occasionally (once a week or so) I get a BSOD with stop code 0x50 (page fault in nonpaged area) that references the file KernExplorer64.sys, which is the driver for Ad-Aware. I am using Ad-Aware Free, the newest version. I don't seem to see any correlation with any programs. It has crashed on idle, during video games, and during regular usage, but I am never actively scanning or running Ad-Aware when it happens. Is this a 64-bit problem? The error message suggests it is a memory problem, but I passed memtest86 and it ONLY happens with this specific file. I feel like my best option is uninstalling and waiting to see if it happens again, but I'd rather not lose the protection. Any thoughts? Thanks.[/quote] Hi des_eagle, It would be very valuable for me to have a look at that crash dump. Depending on its size, maybe you could attach it to this post? Thanks - Andreas - Developer
  7. The issue is now resolved. New build is currently in QA. We have planned to release updates during next week (including this fix).
  8. Hi SerbaM, We are currently working on this issue I will provide you with further updates as soon as I have any. /Andreas
  9. New update released, please try again now. /Andreas
  10. We are currently testing the fix for the freezing problem internally. If everything goes well we will have updates ready for tomorrow (29 may) /Andreas
  11. Hello! We are working on a solution for this scan freeze problem. /Andreas Development Leader