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  1. I used Noadwarev4.0 along with AD-Aware SE Pro for a long time,the May definitions update =inconvenience for me.As long as Noadware doesn't harm my computer,i want to keep it not to remove it by the detection.However i recently discovered a fault with Noadware ,that it will change your search page to automatically.To prevent this you have to disable the ie hijack shield. Thank you LS SteveJ for the update
  2. Hi ,yes all from the Noadware application ,i just put it in the ignore list.So after all the talks LS reduced the tac rating from 4 to 2
  3. Both Ad-Aware SE and Noadware updated their definitions.The result :- the tac rating has been reduced from 4 to2,critical object gone up from 39to42 :angry: ,so finally LS decided to kill off Noadware,what a waste of time
  4. Hi VOP mike I am a happy Noadware user,free upgrade,good customer service,easy to use,quick scan.Ok, may be it is not the best or a ? rogue product,but you could always get your money back within 90 days if purchased it. The problem started with LS and i am still waiting for the new definitions update to correct it.Many users like me almost deleted Noadware because of LS. Spyware remover that cost you dearly lol because i paid for Noadware
  5. I have been using noadwarev4.0 along with Ad-aware SE pro for over a year .After a deep scan with the latest definitions file,there were 39 new critical objects all from noadwarev 4.0 WHY ? It is still rated as a top 10 most popular spyware remover. I have to put it into the ignored list, please help should i delete noadwarev 4.0?