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  1. Attached file indicates errors and is typical of same file from 12/25, 26, and 27.. Companion files avc_log and avc_trace are all zero bytes. Is there a problem? 2018.12.28_17.02.47.377461_AdAwareService_pid=14164.txt
  2. This is an old topic but I now think I have a solution for my slow scans. When I originally set up AdAware I thought I would always scan the whole computer. That was some time ago and at a time when my PC only had a 1 TB HDD and much less software installed with smaller and fewer data files. Of course that changed over time along with newer versions of programs and added hardware. My C drive is now an 500GB SSD and the HDD is partitioned into D and F. At the beginning I had several anti-malware and virus tools installed which I used each to scan one day a week but which were otherwise inactive. My exception list included the quarantine folders from each along with my NAS. When scanning AdAware it must first read a file name to scan and then check the exception list to see if it should proceed or skip the file. Now I have thousands more files then at the beginning and the constant checking of exception status is slowing the scan. My solution is instead doing a whole PC scan I do a custom scan of "C:\\;D:\\;F:\\" and limit the exclusions to files that are on them. This reduces the exclusions while limiting the scan locations and the net result is a more acceptable scan time. If that scan time becomes excessive I will separate it into two scans, "C:\\" and "D:\\;F:\\", and provide a separate exclusion list for each. The exclusion list is "C:\ProgramData\adaware\adaware antivirus\Options\IgnoreList.db" and since I am running the scans from a batch I could have IgnoreList_C.db and IgnoreList_D.db and copy the one required into IgnoreList.db before running a scan.
  3. Sorry but I forgot to show command to start scan: START "" "%_ACF%\AdAwareCommandLine.exe" --full Another item which may slow scans is submitting files to the Threat Alliance which can be turned OFF under App Management.
  4. Maybe also set Definition File Settings to NOT update every hour but choose a longer time. I run scans from an unattended batch and include the following before a scan with auto-update defs OFF CALL "C:\Users\Eric\Documents\Batch Files\_AdAware_Version.bat" Y < batch to extract current AA version SET "_ACF=C:\Program Files\adaware\adaware antivirus\adaware antivirus\%AdAwareVer%" < ACF is AA file folder SET _Linex=%Time: =0% Ad-Aware Update Definitions < just used for onscreen log START "" /WAIT "%_ACF%\AdAwareCommandLine.exe" --updatedefs ECHO %_Linex% %Time: =0% < on screen log
  5. Ad-Aware 11.10.767.8917 Win 7 Hove 64 bit Ran the following in a CMD window:: SET AdAwareVer=11.10.767.8917 SET ACL="C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Antivirus\Ad-Aware Antivirus\%AdAwareVer%\AdAwareCommandLine.exe" %ACL% --last-full-scan-time Result was: Last Full Scan: 20160320T090513.36159 Obviously 2016/03/20 but is 9 hours, 5 minutes, 13.36 seconds correct?
  6. --last-full-scan-time

  7. Now using version 11.6.306.7947 and for the first time in a long while a custom scan of C completed by itself in 8:06:39. As noted in previous postings in this topic before this version I had to manually stop scans after 10++ hours. I can only hope this continues.
  8. Continues with a long scan time. Manually stopped at 10.5 hours
  9. I subscribe to Soluto monitoring for my PC and today's report indicated crashes of LavasoftTcpService on 01/31, 02/02, and 02/05 What does LavasoftTcpService do? Could it influence my scans? Last scan (quick)was on 02/01. I do have "Web Companion" running and am very willing to uninstall it. Should I remove it using the procedure outlined in: http://www.advanceduninstaller.com/LavasoftTcpService-75eac1ff33c6b489d4455304fc769157-application.htm
  10. I have been away for a few weeks. A s a test I changed last Sunday to a quick scan and it completed in 5:25 which seems reasonable to me. I have now changed back to --custom "C:\\" which is what has been running "long". Questions: How does Ad-Aware know when a scan is complete? Perhaps it is running repeat scans. Is there a way I could check if it is?
  11. Result of today's scan, NO infected objects found: 1. at 0927: Scan time 7:13, Progress Bar ~90% 2. at 1158: Scan time 9:43, Progress Bar ~75%, Time Left 0:29 3. at 1450: Scan time 12:37, Progress Bar ~80%, Time Left 0:41 Scan Manually Stopped ---------- Batch file segment follows with some Echo commands removed for clarity TASKKILL /IM iptray.exe /T /F > NUL SET AdAwareVer= SET ACL="C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Antivirus\Ad-Aware Antivirus\%AdAwareVer%\AdAwareCommandLine.exe" START "" %ACL% --updatedefs TIMEOUT 180 > NUL & :: 3 minute delay to allow update completion START "" %ACL% --custom "C:\\" CALL :SetSec SET /A "ss=%ss%-180" TIMEOUT %ss% & :: Open GUI after key press or 3 min before batch end time START "" "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Antivirus\Ad-Aware Antivirus\%AdAwareVer%\AdAwareDesktop.exe" CALL :SetSec SET /A "ss=%ss%-120" TIMEOUT %ss% START "" "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.1.13\iptray.exe" GOTO ShowReport
  12. Now at version and my batch runs --custom "C:\\" The scan did NOT stall but I stopped it at 11:21. The estimated time left increased as the scan progressed and the progress image showed about half complete. C: is an SSD currently with 377 GB used and 87.7 GB free. No problems were found. I have not updated any programs except Ad-Aware since Nov. 24
  13. It looks that way BUT the time to go does not appear to be accurate - I have noticed that it increases as the scan progresses when it should decrease then. I do not d/l, watch, or save video or tv shows.
  14. Stopped the scan after 12 hours while indicating 3 more to go. Obviously still too long. Following is the batch segment that ran the update and scan: ====================================== :Sun :: SUNDAY ######################################################################## :: Ad-Aware Scan :: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ECHO. & ECHO %Time: =0% Start Sunday TASKKILL /IM iptray.exe /T /F > NUL :: |||||||||||||||| <=== Change when new version installed SET AdAwareVer=11.4.6792.0 SET ACL="C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Antivirus\Ad-Aware Antivirus\%AdAwareVer%\AdAwareCommandLine.exe" SET Linex=%Time: =0% Ad-Aware Update Definitions ECHO %SPC%%Linex% START "" %ACL% --updatedefs TIMEOUT 180 > Nul & :: 3 minute delay before scan SET Linex=%Time: =0% Ad-Aware Full Scan C+D ECHO %SPC%%Linex% START "" %ACL% --custom "C:\\" CALL :SetSec SET /A "ss=%ss%-180" ECHO. & ECHO %Time: =0% Next step opens Ad-Aware GUI & TIMEOUT %ss% START "" "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Antivirus\Ad-Aware Antivirus\%AdAwareVer%\AdAwareDesktop.exe" CALL :SetSec SET /A "ss=%ss%-120" ECHO. & ECHO %Time: =0% %Timenote% & TIMEOUT %ss% START "" "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.1.13\iptray.exe" ====================================== Not sure what to try next but I will not be ble to run tests until late December.