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  1. Verbose scan is complete & have enetered these steps: Scanning-Results, critical-Objects, Show-TAC-Page-for-“Tracking Cookie" Ad-Aware resulting action was to call for: WEB page not found ??? PS: very new, 1st pass at 'BLOG' experience & lavasoft useage. Please consider my embilical cord to be [email protected] Dennis BASE PROBLEM, UNABLE to reach/display TAC database. other paths are not fruitfull either. research follows: Whithin the ini file a ref was found: results are 404, lavasoft page interecept with link to HOME-page Whithin the ini file a ref was found results are favorable Whithin the ini file a ref was found results are page not found, then redrove using results favorable, lavasoft page intercept with redirect. Withinin the manual, upon search for TAC: Ranking 5 & 6 have hypertext link to ( search TAC database) that is redirected to and that is the security TAI explanation.
  2. ? Scanning-Results,Critical-Objects,

    Show-TAC-Page-for-“Tracking Cookie"

    || WEB page not found....




  3. ? Scanning-Results,Critical-Objects,Show-RAC-Page-for-"Tracking Cookie" --> WEB page not found....