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  1. I just updated my definitions and scanned again at 1200 GMT June 29, and the false positives are gone (for me anyway)... Thanks to the lavasoft folks, even if it took awhile, and good luck to others on this thread. Cheers, Brian
  2. I've also re-submitted my files with a scan log. Thanks, Brian
  3. I'm still getting false positives too. I've uploaded the two files I am getting hits on. Cheers, Brian
  4. I'm having the same issue as alm, albeit on a lesser scale. Adaware doesn't like pywintypes24.dll or pythoncom24.dll, which were sitting in c:\program files\ABC ( from my ABC-win32-v3.1.1-RC1.exe install. I killed the program, cleaned them, uninstalled the program, and reinstalled, and the problem is still there. So, either A - YABC 3.1.1rc1 is infected (which I somewhat doubt, I've been running it for months with no adverse affects or detections with adaware SE personal, spybot SD, and AVG Free, and I'm pretty rigorous about scanning regularly) or B - the new adaware update is mis-identifying some python files as being viruses. I'm pretty sure at this point it's B... Just to be on the safe side I'm rolling back my install of ABC to a version which happens not to include these files, but I'll be interested to see if lavasoft can confirm this is an overzealous definition file, and not a virus. I have put the two files in question available for download if it would be useful for anyone to see: