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  1. I'm so glad this is not just my computer issue. The error message makes it seem as though the fault is in the user's computer not in Lavasoft's servers. I hope this is fixed soon.
  2. I'm having the same problems with 2008 not removing infections. I just uninstalled 2007, restarted computer, downloaded and installed 2008. Did first full scan. Found 125 infections (mostly cookies). Clicked remove. Received message that infection would be removed when computer was restarted. Clicked ok, then nothing. 95 cookies remain to be removed. When I clicked on Finish, received message that there were still infections, did I want to finish. I said no, but after waiting several looooong minutes, I clicked Finish and said yes. How long is it supposed to take to remove items? I had this same problem with 2007 and it was a painfully slow process. Thanks.
  3. OK, I just tried again and this time all items were deleted. It's a slow process as Ad-Aware counts them down 1 at a time as they are being removed. Good grief. Problem solved for now.
  4. Well, thanks for agreeing that it's a good question. Hopefully someone will answer it. The help system is no help at all as it doesn't address this issue. Would love to know if there is information anywhere on setting up this program to run efficiently and effectively.
  5. I have completed 3 scans on Windows XP sp2 system and Ad-Aware 2007 has detected 702 infections, none critical. Even though I have chosen to remove all of the infections, Ad-Aware has only removed 495. The last scan I tried several times to remove items and Ad-Aware kept returning me back to the place where I needed to select the items to remove, but it never removed the items (all cookies, but still). Is this a bug? Thanks.