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  1. Noadware user, Thank you for posting your experiences. Just a FYI, When you first install Noadware, it will attempt to detect whatever homepage you have set. The shield will then use that setting to lock in that homepage, so hijackers can't change it. So if you happen to have as your homepage, Noadware will attempt to protect that page. As you correctly pointed out, disabling the IE hijack shield will prevent this from occuring. All my best -Michael
  2. Noadware user, The critical objects detected are part of the Noadware application? You can also reach me directly at [email protected] Please let me know, -Michael
  3. Noadware user, I'd like to thank you very much for your kind words. We honestly have diligently tried since our inception as a company to provide good customer service and a good product. I can assure you this issue with Lavasoft is pending resolution, and am confident an update will be posted shortly. Regarding the claims regarding "massive amounts of false positives" and the gratuitous use of the word "scam", I will say that these are obviously without merit. I think the poster should take care to avoid simply basing conclusions on past biases, and concentrate on objectively reviewing software. Noadware provides much in the way of pro-active features that rival any anti-spyware/adware product on the market today. (real time protection, various shields, and a large database of threats) Regards, -Michael
  4. fatdcuk, Thanks for posting. I will say that Lavasoft has been quite helpful in working with us to resolve this issue, and we're happy to report that we believe the Noadware detection will be removed in the next update provided by Lavasoft. Thanks to CalamityJane and all those that expressed their thoughts/concerns or posted. All my best -Michael
  5. It was indeed the May 31st definitions. We submitted a full report around June 5-6th, and received no reply. We attempted to send a follow-up report around the 11th just asking if Lavasoft even received a report, but didn't receive a reply to that either. According to their FAQs, they are supposed to send a reply just acknowledging they received the report within 48 hours of receiving it. If you could touch base with anyone you might know over there and just check if they received our report, we would appreciate it greatly. We don't want to flood them with requests (we know how research can be), but likewise, want to be sure that the matter is being looked into. Lots of people use Ad-Aware as you know, and we've been receiving emails from current and prospective customers regarding the detection. Once again, thanks a lot CalamityJane. Regards, -Michael
  6. CalamityJane, Thank you very much for your helpful response. We did indeed submit a vendor request form about a week after the definitions were released, but have yet to hear back from Lavasoft. I also appreciate you noting the Greatis link for our review. We currently update our product daily, and it is currently used by millions of customers (who happily use it alongside other anti-spyware products such as Ad-Aware, Microsoft Defender, etc), and which is also quite evident by the posts located on this board regarding use of Noadware and the current detections by Ad-Aware. We're obviously anxious to have this issue resolved. Kind Regards, -Michael
  7. Rcannella, Please see this thread: All my best -Michael
  8. Mitral, Please see this thread : All my best -Michael
  9. My name is Michael and I work for I can assure you there is no threat associated with Noadware 4.0. This is an error and we are in the process of contacting Lavasoft to remedy this situation. Kind Regards, -Michael