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  1. found spybot s&d does work with ad aware 2007 and does find more left behind. it will also qarintine objects and let you restore indavidual objects if they are needed.I have found that most helpful info is found at computer fourms such as dell hp and gateway. just incase you are looking for some kind of ansawer that wont take a week o two to get.
  2. Will AD-Aware 2007 & Spybot S+D work on the same system together? Is anyone here running more than 1 anti spyware on there system?
  3. I agree with keeping the old version. I downloaded AAW2007 about 3 weeks ago when i found out that the old ver. was gone after Dec 2007. i think the old Ad-Aware Personal ver worked very well. The new version does not give any detail that it is doing anything Only a total of what was scaned and what was removed. shows nothing in quarantine. the quarantine before removel is set and nothing changes. update does nothing for several seconds before it lets you know you have an update or not. I dont care for the new version much. Ill stick with if for a little while and see if it improves.