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  1. Apologies for not coming back sooner - been a busy day! Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service is set to automatic. AAWTray.exe is running. The icon appeared this morning on start up in the right task tray. Yesterday, it was lurking in the left short-cut tray, so I deleted the short-cut. We shall see what happens in the future, but thank you for all your trouble and help.
  2. Thanks for the prompt response. I have looked at the settings and both are checked. I am only on free version. Perhaps this matters?
  3. Until I updated to v.8.3.0, the icon would show in the tray on the right after start up. Now it only resides there after I have double clicked on the desktop to open the programme. Next time I switch on, the icon is shown as a short cut in the left tray. I've looked into msconfig and the start up box for AdAware is ticked. Surely the programme icon should always show in the right tray? If not, is it working in the background or do I always have to open it from the desktop? Please advise (not too technical, please).