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  1. I have an unused license of AAW Pro 2007 (since I received my free Beta Tester's copy of 2008). I would like to migrate that license to another PC. Is this legal? If so, how do I do that? The fingerprints will not match... Thanks, Mitch
  2. Tobias: That's kinda what I'm thinking as well. For me that makes the display of the red 'X' and the word "Off" a trivial problem. I will continue to monitor the Ad-Watch log and re-post if anything changes. Thanks for the input. Mitch
  3. I have the paid version. I also had the paid version of SE and received an email to upgrade to 2007 for $18. I upgraded 2 of my 3 licenses (since the third PC is now a Linux server) to 2007 and they are installed on Windows 2000 Pro and Vista Home PCs. Since both OSes are exhibiting the same symptoms, I figure it is either the way that I have it configured or something in the program.
  4. Lavasoft Guys: I have a question that falls in the topic of Realtime Protection. I believe that the RT Protection is working, but I get a big red 'X' and "Off" beside the "Ad-Watch Real Time Protection" label on the Ad-Aware 2007 Main Status screen. The reason that I think the RT Protection is actually on is because I am getting messages in the Ad-Watch Event Log concerning changes detected by the RegShield Module. How do I verify that everything is, indeed, working correctly? BTW, I really like the looks, feel and speed of 2007...good work. The new forum looks good as well! Thanks, Mitch