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  1. Thankis for your reply as well!! At this point I don't use a router, after all I only have one computer. :-) With my previou firewall (Avira) connection with my computer's Netbios wasn't an issue. I have reported this to tech support and they are quite aware of this. The maddening part about this is that if I do the File Sharing test first then! can connect to my computer's Netbios. If I run a port scan first (Common Ports or All Service Ports) and then run the File Sharing test then my Netbios cannot be connected to. A big bug imho. Hence the question about the firewall components. I just wanted to make sure that the firewall was running properly. Again, thanks for your reply!!
  2. Thanks for your reply!! Good to know that Ad-Aware Pro Security will know if some of the drivers are not running. So far I haven't had Ad-Aware complain. Servalan Servalan
  3. When Ad-Aware Pro Security is installed what are the firewall components/drivers that I should check for to make sure the firewall is working properly? The reason I ask is that I am having a bit of issue with Ad-Aware Pro Security firewall when I use the ShieldsUP! test, in particular the FileSharing test. When I looked through the questions in this forum I found questions about the firewall components and drivers, and I thought that that was a question to ask! :-)
  4. Just out of curiosity how long does Lavasoft keep Username/Password records? The reason I ask is that Ihaven't used a Lavasoft product in quite a while (Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0 to be exact), and I haven't used the Lavasoft support forums in quite a while as well. Yet, Lavasoft still has record of my Username/Password!!!! I don't know if I should be happy or sad that they "remember" me. :-) Thanks a lot!!
  5. [quote name='visitor' post='118607' date='Apr 3 2010, 09:47 PM']It's best to contact Lavasoft Customer Support via the link in my signature. It doesn't make sense that renewing early would eliminate the time you had remaining on the old license, so maybe they can fix it internally.[/quote] Thanks for your reply!! Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to register on the support page. The registration form asks for the serial number of the product that I have purchased and I cannot find a serial number, either of the key I recently purchased or of the Lavasoft Personal Firewall. I think I'll just forget about it and put it down to experience and a valuable lesson learned. Servalan.
  6. I recently purchased a renewal key for the Lavasoft Personal firewall and I thought/assumed (and we all know what assuming does, don't we?? ) that the renewal key would be added/extend my existing key which has approximately 240 days left on it. Is there a way of adding both the keys together, or am I SOL? I guess if I'm SOL then I've learned a valuable lesson. Thanks for any help and suggestions in advance. Servalan
  7. Is Lavasoft planning on updating the Lavasoft Personal Firewall any time soon?? The reason I ask is that I seem to be having problems with Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0. It seems that at least every week the firewall icon in the system tray becomes solid (instead of the question mark) and all internet activity is shut down, and the only way to resolve this is to restart my computer. It is getting quite annoying!!!!! :angry: Whenever I've restarted my computer the firewall has sent email regarding why the firewall shut down to Lavasoft. Any suggestions on resolving this problem would really to greatly appreciated!!!!! Servalan\
  8. Would anyone know why I have started getting the "Update period is expired" message when trying to update the Lavasoft firewall??? The subscription is still valid, it still has 487 days left on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Servalan