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  1. Using Ad-Watch 2007 Plus (version I often get a message saying that 'process ""(xxxxxx) is attempting to...' There isn't anything between the double quotes. I thought the numbers in parentheses referred to a running process, but I am unable to find this process anywhere. The warning alwas says the offending process is trying to make a change to my registry, and asks me to allow or deny. I've always denied, but am so tired of trying to flag down the culprit I recently tried allowing and then checking my Reg-Shield user list to see what was new, but nada. The Ad-watch processes tab seems to be active (it's not greyed out like the connect tab), but there's never anything listed on the analyzed processes. Is this feature even enabled? I've used Ad-aware and Ad-watch for a long time, but I can't figure out what this version is doing half the time. Does anyone have suggestions for determining what is trying to change my registry when Ad-watch gives me the 'process "" identification?