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  1. [MS WinXP Home SP2; MS Office XP; OE 6; IE 6; Dell Dimension XPS T450MHz Pentium III; 385MB RAM; AVG Free Version 8.0.175 270.8.4/1754; spybot S&D; ad-aware2008 (aaw2008.exe); cable modem; WordPerfect8; Lexmark Laser printer "Optra E310"; Windows Media Player.] Hello, I've been having problems removing infections after scanning, so I reinstalled it and did a number of other fixes but didn't help. Rebooting and scanning again brought this message: Later: "Unable to remove the file, it will be removed when you restart your computer." I immediately restarted it but nothing! I clicked "Finish" and it says: "There are unhandled objects. Do you still want to finish?"! I noticed a very similar problem here:;#entry89521 ://;#entry89521 where it was suggested to tick "unload browser during scan and removal or alternatively close your browser when doing a scan." but I had it already ticked, and I always scan when I shut off all programs including IE... Sorry for lengthy post and thanks ever so much for any help! Adela
  2. Oh Peter you went through a lot of work to show me the right way of fixing these 2 new problems THANKS SO VERY MUCH! I followed the clear steps and screenshots you gave me and now the 2 problems are resolved! :-) I now have the proper shortcut, and also I scanned it twice last night, and again just now and was able to shut it down after finishing the scan, without problem each time. You are an angel! and I wish you a healthy and happy life!!! Adela
  3. It worked Peter!!! A BIG THANK YOU for your kind patience. Only thing, it created the wrong shortcut - the Ad-Watch which doesn't work with Free. How can I create the proper shortcut? Also when I close the ad-aware after finishing the scan, a popup says "Program not responding - do you want to end it?" I click "yes" but it keeps returning with the same question several times until it finally takes my hint. lol! Please forgive my asking for 2 more glitches, but if you know how to fix them I'll appreciate so much your help! Again thanks ever so much for everything! Adela P.S. As to buying AAW2009, I've put an inordinate amount of money into techis who'd come here to fix my computer and...well, not always was fixed, and I was cheated by 2 of them, so I try to keep expenses down.
  4. Thanks so much Peter for the explanation. You are right, I'll do the regular free one to avoid more headaches. I didn't see where to read and compare, but your advice makes a world of sense to me! Thanks a lot!!! Adela
  5. Good idea to reinstall, thank you Peter, and thanks also for the useful links too. In this link: they show the regular Free ad-aware and then also their "Plus" which they say now is Free from almost $40! I wonder if there's a catch here? Which of the 2 do you think I should download since I didn't see anywhere what each of them offer? Adela
  6. Hi Peter, and thanks so much for the very clear screenshot! I know you said for me to "post back if that works" but the steps in the Privacy Objects article are exactly the ones I followed each time. I always shoot for removing ALL of them since I know they are undesirable files to me and thought to let you know in case there's another outlet? I wonder if the problem of Lavasoft ignoring my command for removing ALL is a glitch? If so, how would I go about to get help fixing it? Again I thank you a lot for any further help? Adela
  7. Thank you Peter, yes, I did reboot and it still does it for the last 3 or 4 scannings. Would you or someone else know how to have the Lavasoft scan result remove EVERYTHING and not only part of it? Thanks again. Adela
  8. [MS WinXP Home SP2; MS Office XP; OE 6; IE 6; Dell Dimension XPS T450MHz Pentium III; 385MB RAM; AVG Free Version 8.0.175 270.8.4/1754; spybot S&D; ad-aware2008 (aaw2008.exe); cable modem; WordPerfect8; Lexmark Laser printer "Optra E310"; Windows Media Player.] Hello, I hope I'm in the right forum? I've been having problems with the scanning results. It won't remove any of the so-called Privacy items (cookies and such?), only the MRU's (did I get the letters right?). I tried and tried again in the hopes it also removed these... but it never does. Finally, tired of trying in vain, I click on "Finished" and then it says: "There are unhandled objects. Do you still want to finish?" A catch 22... I do hope someone could help? Thanks ever so much! Adela
  9. Thank you SO much Raziel! I went to download the Free 2008 and already scanned it and it's fine. For once I got instructions I found easy to follow...successfully. Thanks again! Adela
  10. Hello, I can see many others have the same freeze problem; however in addition this is another problem: I have WinXP SP2 Home Ed. (1) Ad-Aware automatically updated my version to, and I believe though I don't recall well, that it was supposed to be updated to the 2008 version, BUT, I went to Belarc Advisor to fnd out what I got, and this is what it shows (I don't recall where to go to get a more accurate data of what version I got): Lavasoft - Ad-Aware 2007 Service Version 7,0,2,7 * Lavasoft - Process Watch Version * Lavasoft AB - Ad-Aware 2007 Version * Lavasoft AB - Ad-Watch 7 Version 7.0 * Lavasoft AB - Update Manager Version * Lavasoft Hosts File Edit Version * (2) Ever since the update, I haven't been able to get results from scanning. In the middle or somewhere it just stops so I can't delete the bad files. Will appreciate very much some help. I read the No. 2 post from lynz and the No. 5 post from StevieP and a few others hoping to see if I could apply it to my freeze problem....but it looks awfully difficult for me as I hardly understood how to do those things. Here they are: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for me??? Thanks ever so much for some help! Adela
  11. Oh thanks so very much Jane for all the great beginners links. I'll contact them right away. It's good to know that at least I don't have to fight with the malware since apparently I dont' have much! I'll keep all of your advice so I won't be wasting time with "petty" trash, cookies, etc. LOL! Again my deep gratitude for all your help! I wish you the best of luck in your life! Adela
  12. Hi Jane...thanks for your nice words but I'm rather a slow learner that's why probably I have so many glitches. LOL! But you are a REAL expert in internet security consultation! I bet people fight to get you to help them. :-) You say you progressed to "Security 101", is it a course? And thanks a lot for your new help. I just made the ESET scan and it said... "No threats found". Just as you said it was easy and took only around 30 minutes. Spybot scan takes 2-1/2 hours by the clock!!! Yet it always says "Congratulations - no threats!" I'm SO puzzled! But with Lavasoft I get long lists of trash which I just delete; makes you feel you're REALLY cleaning up. LOL! Of course I also delete from time to time temp files, empty delete folders, compact them, etc. Yet the glitches thrive on my computer! Thanks so much for the info on Norton and Panda scans. That's how so many people fall into traps I guess. I'll use ESET from time to time and when it shows threats, perhaps if you aren't too busy you could let me know if they can be removed without causing some mess (as I usually do)? Many thanks for all your generous help Jane! Adela P.S. How do you like to be called? Jane? Calamity? Or both? :-)
  13. Hi Jane, you're so thorough! Are you a teacher??? :-) Dont mean to take so much of your time, but thanks so much for explaining so well about the "Realtime"! Oh then, "Realtime" (pay version) catches always and automatically any intruders while "On-demand" (free version) cathes them only when we scan it...Mystery solved! It's a good function to have among others I saw in the comparison chart. Thanks for this alert too, I was going to scan with either Norton or Panda on their own sites as I was told they are VERY strong. I was hoping a strong scan might get rid of several glitches in my computer as I simply can't afford pumping more money into techis... :-) but wanted first to backup all my files...for months now... LOL! Not too sure how to do it and intimidated (I even bought a flash drive which I still have to learn how to use), but will consult with some forums and start once and for all as backups are highly important, I know. However, I'll remember your words of warning about these other site scans so it's a good thing I procrastinated my backups! Thanks again Jane for all your valuable information!!! Adela
  14. Hi Jane, and thanks again for the link. I went to see the comparison and it's very easy to follow. There's quite a bit that the pay program has over the free one. Hopefully, when I'm in a better position I'll upgrade. Yes, I right click and chose "Check All" and then click on "Remove" and "Finish". It did remove the the MRU's, but ignored the ad spies. However, I don't recall whether my browser was closed. I must try agan this time making sure to close IE...and oh thanks for the graphic again, it's identical to my screen! I didn't intend to scan the MRUs, I chose the "Smart Scan" and it gave both results. :-) Thank you Jane! Adela
  15. Hi Calamity and oops, sorry I used the wrong MRU letters. I get very confused with the technical part of the computer and internet. LOL! Yes, when I went to the webupdates for which you so kindly gave me very clear directions, it surprised me that it worked, but as mentioned, all the bad stuff it found is still there as it wouldn't delete them. It deleted only the MRUs but not the long list of ad spies, cookies,... I'll make it a practice to consult the manual now that I know where to find it and special thanks for showing it to me with a graphic! As for scanning and removing the free version is just as effective as the paid ones. I'm glad to know this as I'm having some economic difficulties these days, so I appreciate the generosity of Lavasoft's owner. I'm also glad that I never need to use advanced features so I guess it's ok. Actually, this is the reason too that I can't now hire a techi to fix my computer with which I have to endure strange and unpleasant things... What is "realtime"? Here is the product comparison chart so you can see some of the differences. The above link said "404 - Page Not Found" and pointed to Home which I did but didn't seem to find the comparison chart. But it's all right as you already told me the main differences. Again, thanks so much for being so kind and helpful! You would make a heck of a great computer insturctor!!! Adela