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  1. What is the procedure??? There isn't one, nor is there a reliable LS2007, now or to beforthcoming. We got burned. Never again! Al
  2. I really haven't received any solution, from support or "element 5" as to my refund or if they are going to extend my 2 year contract. "Be Patient" what choice do we have! This software should not have been released or was it released so Lavasoft can build up its "capital" at our expense. This seems to be the norm these days. Unfinished software that lets us test it forever or an electronic device you can eplace the bad battery. I don't want to be patient, I want a refund of my money UNTIL you fix it, then maybe I'll buy it. Have someone contact me by email from element 5 and I will go away. Sorry to take this attitude but it's about time the users fight back. Al S. Order # 130833465
  3. I can't understand why a reputable companay like Lavasoft would release this monster. At least you got it to scan. I can't get it to do anything. It can't reach it's server, so no updates. It won't save my settings, so no scanning. I have requested my money back but have received no response. That's what I get for buying a two contract. Well I will dispute the charge, when I get it from the CC company. Is anyone from Lavasoft looking at this forum? I hate to be so critical but it seems that we are being taken to the cleaners with a very poorly written program that really doesn't deserve being released, much less as a finsihed product. Al
  4. I bought the "new" 2007 plus. It doesn't work. Can't connect to server, won't download def. files. won't scan, or do anything but give error messages. I'm not sure I am in the right area to post THIS message. Is there a support forum for 2007, so i can see what these error messages mean? I just wish people would release new software that is ready to use. HELP! Hello, are you in there?? Al Streicher :angry:
  5. Go to this site for instructions on removing Starw*re. http://www.spywareremove.com/removeStarware.html Al