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  1. Error message: "AD-Ware was shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report. By sending an Error report to Lavasoft you can help identify the problem and fix it." I click okay to send the error report and nothing happens. I cannot even get the application to run. PLease help I am running Windows 7 Home Edition (PC).
  2. I can not get my recently purchased 2007 AD Ware and AD Watch software to work. Everytime I click on the icon, I recieve the following error message: "System Error: 1810 occurred. Description: Service is not online. Application terminates." "ok." per the standard reccomendations provided in this forum, I deleted the settings.aaw file in my applications data folder and rebooted. The software returned and ran normal, until I either logged off or shutdown for the night. Then the file returned and I could not open up the programs until I did the whole process again. Isn't there a way for to get rid of this thing? Do I have to keep deleteing the same file daily, just to get the programs to work? it is very annoying! I am on a PC running a home edition version of Windows Vista 32 bit. Someone help! I have been at this for a month.