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  1. A post at [url="http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?/topic/31703-possible-false-positive-with-fraudtoolwin32avsoft-v/"]http://www.lavasofts...lwin32avsoft-v/[/url] , by Andy/Lavasoft Malware Labs, seemed to indicate that FraudTool.Win32.AVSoft(v) was a false positive and would not be listed by A-A in the future. It just showed up on our latest scan (scan log below). We quarantined until know more. Where to find more info about FraudTool.Win32.AVSoft(v) ? Quarantined items: Description: c:\documents and settings\alan\desktop\basics\a-z\s\spampal\spampal-beta124.exe Family Name: FraudTool.Win32.AVSoft (v) Engine: 3 Clean status: Success Item ID: 1 Family ID: 0 MD5: c6981b0182877e07f5bdfd6c4f16dc5a Description: c:\system volume information\_restore{46de8921-1d39-44d2-a9e9-64119261f211}\rp569\a0270725.exe Family Name: FraudTool.Win32.AVSoft (v) Engine: 3 Clean status: Success Item ID: 1 Family ID: 0 MD5: 89afdd29832aa923926bdd4b5f5243d5
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='120585' date='Jun 28 2010, 11:39 PM']I could, but it's in a section viewable only by moderators and admin so all you'll get is a board error message saying you don't have permission to view it. Here's what I posted: [u]Description: none Family Name: unknown[/u] Users report no action can be taken, even in advanced mode. Log shows item is ignored automatically and no file pathway is given in log description.[/quote] Thanks much for elevating the question. Will they have a link to this topic as well ?
  3. [quote name='Mongoo' post='120552' date='Jun 27 2010, 03:37 AM']I uploaded the Log File ! i cant find the Problem! Maybe you ![/quote] Similar problem. Using updated 'Free' version and 'scan results' Family/Category 'unknown', and no file name available. Checked all logs but no file name. How to get 'unknown' problem(?) file name ?
  4. [quote name='cressy' post='119401' date='May 2 2010, 03:01 PM']Try switching to Advanced Mode, button bottom left corner of the GUI. Also you can review past scan logs by opening explorer and navigating to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs. These files can be looked at with any text editor. cressy[/quote] Thanks for the reply and info. Switching to 'advanced mode' seems to have done the trick. Guess Im going to need to ask another question... scan results show 'family' = unknown, 'category' = unknown. Why cant it show the file name, link, or whatever ? What would be the best forum to as that question ?
  5. AF deletes found 'malware' files automatically... gives user no options ? Cant find a setting to let user review scan results, and choose whether or not to delete etc. Past version/s seemed to have this 'preview' function. What are we missing ?
  6. Cant load Ad-Aware 2007, get error message in some other language... see attachment. Please advise. Thank you for your help.
  7. Ad-Aware scan found 3-privacy objects (see screen shots below)... 3-MRU objects, 2 in registry and 1 in file folder/s. Not sure how to determine if these objects are malicious or not (ie are they necessary for some XP function or feature, and if I delete, it will just recreate or cause some error). Please advise. Thank you.
  8. Have downloaded all upgrades and still having the 'stopping' problem when try to do 'full scan'. Guess thats what the 'free' users need to accept ???
  9. Same situation here. Was also having same problem with SE during late 2007 and thought maybe A-A 2007 would solve, but apparently not. Also, didnt notice a way to limit scan to specific folders or drives with A-A 2007 (seems a little more dumbed-down than SE ? )... feature not available with 'free' version ? Ideas etc ?
  10. Running XPpro/SP-2 and 'AA SE Personal Build 1.06r1'. AA just becomes 'non-respondent' during a scan and cant tell what file it is scanning when it happens since AA window becomes non-responsive and half blocked-out (jpg of error message/s attached). Ideas and/or another AA forum/s that should post to ??? Thank you for your help. Ps: Seems to occur with 'full scan' only, not with 'smart scan'...