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  1. If the problem still persist eventhough help is given, maybe its time to switch to another antispyware. E.g. like Spybot S&D, A2 free and Spyware Doctor, they are excellent . Im having these 3 apps and i have not encountered any errors so far
  2. Same here. Just asking, is Ad Aware SE still available for download?
  3. A few years back, i discovered Ad Aware SE through some sites and i downloaded the program because it has many positive comments about it. Yes, it was really good at that time, updates were downloaded without problem, scanning was successful and nothing was broken. It went well until Ad Aware 2007 was released. When i run the program, the problems started to stack up. The whole program was very laggy. The scanning sometimes don't work(after update) and i have to restart it. Full scan takes forever to complete(including updates). At times, after deleting the infections, results stated that nothing has been removed. Sometimes, AA2007 terminates with an error. I have to end the scan just to remove the infections!!! So, to the Lavasoft staffs, you guys gotta repair your product ASAP! Alot of people has been complaining since Ad Aware SE has been replaced. We all love using AA2007 but these problems have to stop. No means to offend but seriously, this product is just plain bad.
  4. Yeah, maybe you're right. Last time, I liked using Ad Aware SE because it was much better and faster. Now, i have to wait for about 30 minutes or more just for one scan.... just hope that Lavasoft will fix this problem or everybody will start dumping this product.
  5. My AW2007 seems to have some slight problems when i run it. The program itself seems to lag a lot. After scanning, i delete the infections but sometimes the results show that no infections have been removed. While scanning at times, the program will crash and have to close. After updating, i found out that i can't immediately scan due to busy scanner. The auto update has been activated since i installed AW but after a few weeks of using, it has been disabled and cannot be reactivated. Does reinstalling fixes these problems?