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  1. I think you'll find that SE took up a little more space than the original file you downloaded, due to the rapid increase in definitions file size in response the recent almost exponential growth in malware! I still have SE installed (now why haven't I uninstalled it!!?) and the folder is about 6MB. And that's with a defintions file 10 months older than the final one. If you're going to make valid comparisons, then you should compare how big the actual directory is after the program is installed, along with the definitions file and not just the size of the original program you downloaded! If you're using an older machine, and you need something with lower hardware requirements and a smaller footprint then maybe one of the following products would be more suitable for you:- Spybot S&D SuperAntiSpyware Malwarebytes' Anti-Spyware
  2. I think we had this discussion a few months back Dennis! The latest defs files for Ad-Aware SE haven't worked with ME/98 since last May. If you're using an older os and you want to continue using SE then you'll have to use a definitions file 9 months out of date. This means your spyware checker is worse than useless! Your only real option is to use an alternative product that still fully supports 98/ME, such as:- Spybot S&D SuperAntiSpyware
  3. sagi, if you're using Windows 2000/XP/Vista, then do as CalamityJ says and upgrade to the latest version of Ad-Aware. If you're using an older operating system, then get back to me, and I'll advise you on your options..............
  4. You should do as Godders says and upgrade to Ad-Aware 2008, as long as you're running Windows 2000/XP/Vista. If you're using an older operating system then your best bet is either:- Spybot S&D SuperAntiSpyware If you are running one of the newer operating systems, then you can manually download the latest definitions file from the url Godders gives (you'll have to unzip the file into the Ad-Aware SE directory manually), if you wish to continue using Ad-Aware SE. But this isn't an option if you're still using Windows 98/ME since the definitions file hasn't worked with either since last May. In this case you'll need to migrate to one of the alternative products I stated above. What I'm most intrigued about in this thread, is the picture on your desktop hidden by the Ad-Aware SE update applet !!!!!
  5. gamer8, SE is 2 and soon to be 3 generations out of date and therefore completely unsupported. It simply isn't able to deal with threats from newer malware. Therefore there is absolutely no reason not to upgrade to a newer version unless, of course, you're using an older OS. The problems you mention with 2007 and 2008 can be negated by the fact that there have been problems (with the current definitions for example) with SE. Nostalgia won't protect your machine from malware!
  6. Zeigbot, check my reply to you in the previous post you commented in (and maybe reply so the situation can be more accurately assessed!!). If you're running 2000/XP/Vista, then there's absolutely no reason for you not to upgrade to Ad-Aware 2008 (and a 1001 good reasons to do so!!). But if you really have to stick with SE, then the update you commented upon is probably corrupted and the next update will probably resolve the problem (as has happened before!!).
  7. What operating system are you using Zeigbot? Manual definions have only worked with 2000/XP/Vista since last May, so I suspect you're running one of these. If so, then maybe the latest manual update is corrupted (as has happened several times before) and you'll need to wait for the next one to become available later in the week.
  8. What operating system are you using Alice? If it's 2000, XP or Vista, then do as casey says, and upgrade to Ad-Aware 2008. If you're still running 98/ME then get back to me, and I'll give you your options!! Looks like there was an manual definitions upgrade for SE today, but other people appear to have had problems with it...........
  9. But as the great and mighty advisor to all those helpless people that rely on you, you should be enlightened enough to advise them to upgrade to newer, fully supported products that sport up to date definitions, rather than rely on an antiquated one that can't touch any recent malware. Failure to do so makes your security advice worthless. That's like saying that because no one has broken into your house for years, there's no point upgrading the flimsy locks on the doors, even though there's been a rash of nearby break-ins recently!! So if I advised you to move out of the way of a speeding bus, advice you hadn't ask for, you'd ignore it?!! Your current defensive posture implies that my advice has not been heeded, and as such, this exchange has come to the end of its usefulness.
  10. Say what?!! I think you'll find the last security update was released the same day as the final one for ME! In exactly the same manner as the people I told you about in my previous post, you're now going on the attack due to the fact that you can't take being told when your judgement is poor. Basically, I've given you sound advice, but due to the fact that you don't seem to be able to let go of a product you've obviously been using for years, you're predictably getting stroppy! Get infected with any malware created since the middle of last May (ie about 50% of the total arsenal) and Spybot will pick it up, whilst Ad-Aware SE with 7 month old definitions won't. A comfort blanket might be well and good, but it won't protect your machine from 50% of the malware in circulation.
  11. I'm running Windows 98SE. Why then would I possibly fault you?! It's also interesting to note that those other people I told you about who insisted on getting their hands on a definitions file over 6 months out of date were also very defiant and defensive when enlightened as to their folly! As I said above, using an unsupported product 2 generations (and soon to be 3) out of date, with definitions over 6 months old, when there are products out there that still support your operating system, is a plain stupid thing to do and worse than useless.
  12. From unofficial sites, I assume. How then do you know that they don't have malware embedded? Downloading definitions from a 3rd party site is a particularly dangerous thing to do! Try running any recent virus or malware executable on your ME box. I can assure you that most of them will cause an infection, older OS or not. Therefore using an unsupported product with definitions 7 months out of date at a time when there's been a glut of malware is plain crazy. There have been other people in this forum requesting the last definitions file that worked with SE. They too have seemed unwilling to let go. When there are good products out there that still fully support your OS with up to date definitions, it's plain stupid to stick with an out of date product. I hate to be a little harsh, but you really need to move on.
  13. Looks like a bad definitions file to me. But the most puzzling thing here is why on Earth you're still using Ad-Aware SE if you're running XP?! You should upgrade to Ad-Aware 2008 immediately.
  14. Slow down a little Jian! You'll have to provide us with a little more information if your situation is to be resolved. What operating system are you running on these machines? All I can gather is that at least one is running 2000. What definitions file did you download? If a new definitions update has caused your machine(s) to crash, then the problem must be with that file. There's no need to go messing around with, let alone reinstalling other software.
  15. The last file to work with 98/ME was SE1R247 which was created last May. There's nowhere you can reliably download this file any longer. I still have the previous definitions file (SE1R246), but I'm not going to offer to email it to you because using it would leave your machine completely defenceless against the tidal wave of spyware created in the past 7 months. Since the current definitions file for SE (which you can't use!) is about 6.2MB in size, compared to 3.1MB for SE1R246, this would suggest that about half the spyware in existence has been created since last May, and therefore using this file would be useless, not to mention dangerous. Most of people in this forum in your position seven months ago decided to move on to either: Spybot S&D SuperAntiSpyware Both of these products are well respected and efficient, and fully support Windows 98 and ME.