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  1. [quote name='dr3w' post='117303' date='Feb 24 2010, 10:49 PM']I'm a long time user of ad aware free edition, and I installed version 8.2 on my MacBook running Windows XP via bootcamp recently. I tried to edit my proxy settings, but it keeps coming up with the error that "adaware has shut down". The application did not quit, but I cannot edit my proxy settings. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks[/quote] See Koby's solution below - it works! : go to add and remove programs and remove the 8.2 version. Then re-install this version: [url=""][/url] It works then.
  2. There is a problem with Defs 125 - when I attempted to update I got 'your Defs.file is up-to-date' even though I had 124 - so I had to do Manual Update. For Windows XP the Defs file is probably in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware
  3. I'm having the same problem - can't even download Defs to do manual update. Even the Forum pages are sluggish and slow to load. WHAT'S GOING ON LAVASOFT??
  4. The variety of discussion in this topic does, I think, validate my raising it in the first place. Before I bow out and lest my basic criticism be lost in the crossfire let me summarize : I have Ad-Aware 2008 Free . When I right click on a single file a menu appears which contains 'scan with Ad-Aware'. I conclude, not unreasonably, that this will 'do what it says on the tin' so I click on it. Ad-aware then mysteriously opens but nothing else happens. I naturally wonder has it scanned the file or hasn't it ? As I have pointed out when I attempt to activate other features which the free version does not support a message appears to the effect that Plus or Pro version is needed to run that feature. Here there is no such message. Anyone at Lavasoft taking note? I rest my case!!
  5. Point well made Casey Boy - In other areas of Ad-Aware Free any attempt to use a feature which is not available brings up a message to the effect that Plus or Pro version is needed to use the function. In the case which gives rise to this topic the user is offered a menu item 'scan with Ad-Aware' which works when clicked but merely opens the Program - and apparently does nothing else (except mystify and confuse the user)!! Ad-Aware 2008 - "Confusion now hath made his masterpiece" (Shakespeare-Macbeth)
  6. Thanks Calamity Jane - that clarifies the situation. The bewilderment of literal-minded PC novices like myself in this and many other areas of Ad-Aware is perhaps understandable - when I right click a single file I am offered a function ('scan with Ad-Aware') which does not exist.
  7. I have Ad-Aware Free - maybe I've been missing the obvious - I don't have a Custom Scan Folder - Does Ad-Aware Free not perform single File/Folder scans?
  8. Still Bewildered!! - as you suggest 'Integrate into Windows Explorer' is ON - 'Supress progress bar' is x'd out - but still when I right click a single file or folder and then click 'scan with Ad-Aware' Ad-Aware 2008 opens but there is no indication that the file or folder has been scanned. (This happens whether 'supress progress bar' is on or off.)
  9. Exactly - Yes - My original posting still stands exactly as explained - With 'Integrate into Windows Explorer' ON I then right click on a single file and the menu appears showing 'scan with Ad-Aware'. I click on this and Ad-Aware opens but there is no indication that the file has been scanned. You say "Originally if you clicked on 'scan with ad-aware' when it was integrated into windows explorer, ad-aware wouldn't actaully do anything. Even though it was supposed to". You also say "the newest software updates has addressed this" - but I have the latest updates yet this is still happening in my case. I am STILL BEWILDERED !
  10. I'm still bewildered - My original posting still stands - I have updated to v. - when right clicking a single file 'scan with Ad-Aware' only appears on the menu if 'integrate into Windows Explorer' is turned ON (the Bug Report which I quoted does say the opposite - quote "Cannot perform a single file scan with a right click when “integrate with Windows Explorer†is turned on - L.S.Erin May 21st.) If I click 'scan with Ad-Aware' the program opens but nothing else seems to happen. If 'integrate into Windows Explorer' is turned off the 'scan with Ad-Aware' option does not appear on the right click menu. Am I missing something obvious ? Is it me or is it Ad-Aware??
  11. I have seen in Bug Reports that AdAware 2008 "Cannot perform a single file scan with a right click when “integrate with Windows Explorer†is turned on" but strangely I have found the opposite to be the case - Only when "integrate with Windows Explorer" IS turned on does 'scan with Ad-Aware' appear on the menu when a single file is right clicked. If "integrate with Windows Explorer" is turned OFF the option to scan with Ad-Aware does not appear when right clicking a file. When 'scan with Ad-Aware' is clicked for a single file the only apparent result is that Ad-Aware opens - but there is no indication that the file has been scanned. Is Ad-Aware specially designed to bewilder literal-minded PC novices like me? I had none of these problems with the old Ad-Aware SE.
  12. Post Script to this topic - I have just installed Ad-Aware 2008 and Tracksweep works!!!! Since nothing else on my System has changed it seems Tracksweep in Ad-Aware 2007 DID NOT WORK (as I repeatedly posted).
  13. Thanks for reply - but I have been posting on Tracksweep for quite a while now and trying all kinds of suggestions without success. When I follow your instructions above exactly Tracksweep doesn't clear anything from Internet Explorer.
  14. I have never succeeded in getting Tracksweep to work - but noticed the above quote in an explanation of how to do so : "Right-click Ad-Watch and checkmark Tracksweep ". In my Free version of Ad-Aware this is not possible - right clicking on Ad-Watch produces nothing. Does Tracksweep only work in the Pro versions with Ad-Watch?
  15. Ad-Aware /Win Xp Sp2 - When updating Defs Ad-Aware announces Update successful but Status screen does not show new Defs Version until Ad-Aware is closed and reopened. Is this normal?