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  1. OK got the new adware 8.3 free version and there's a few folders i dont want scanned so i added them to the ignore list but when i do a scan it it does one automaticaly they are always come up again, why is this as it should be ignoring them please let me know.
  2. they are off as i have the free edition of adaware
  3. Hi people , now i have to stick with the older edition of adaware as the annerversary edition has too many problems with it, is there a way that can get rid of this nagging pop up that keeps coming up when i open up adaware asking me to upgrade to the new one. is there is can you please let me know thanks.
  4. Hi i just installed the Anaversary edition and already got troubles , it closes my windows mail on vista and also closes msm messenger whats going on , keeps going think ill go back to the one before at least had no troubles. just keep getting pop up saying upgrade now or later is a pain in the but .
  5. All went well mate and thanks heaps for your quick response and help thanks agian cya.
  6. thanks make ill let you know on how it goes.
  7. how do i move it as im new to this thanks.
  8. Hi have got vista ultimate 32 bit and running adaware 2007 free version, now every time i run a scan it comes up with this unable to remove file suggested action 0 will be removed after you have restarted your computer. this has been going on for awhile now and its all up to date please help me thanks .