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  1. I can confirm moonlight's observations, for AAW 2007 free. I had to manually download and install the update.
  2. Since upgrading to Comodo Firewall Pro version 3.0 today, AAW 2007 is detecting this: Win32.Backdoor.Agent C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\common\DB\DDB\DLL\339_d.sld I uploaded this file to VirusTotal and to viruscan.jotti: MD5: 8d6c8e199b366d5f5770b8a1c6d6f48f Virustotal Result: 0/32 (0%) virusscan.jotti: Found nothing
  3. Thank you, Tobias. @LS Calamity Jane: You responded to my post on this issue in the "Bug reports" board, and said it was a duplicate post already resolved. That was not a duplicate topic that had been resolved when I posted it. It was the multiple posts on this board which went unanswered that prompted my post on this "Bug reports" board. I only post this here because you locked that thread.
  4. Yes, it updated back for me too, to the current versions. Then it wanted me to "update" back to the old versions again. Enough!
  5. I'm sure you have seen all the posts about AAW 2007 (free) reverting to old versions of the GUI, CEAPI, and definition files. The lack of feedback as to the possible causes, or even to acknowlege the existence of this bug, is deafening. After this latest reverting to the old versions, I clicked on webupdate again. It offered new software, which I downloaded, and found all my versions were back to, and def files were once again 000.6.0000. When next I opened AAW 2007, got a popup that new software was available- you guessed it, it was once again wanting to install the old versions. I feel like I'm caught in some time warp! Given the absolute lack of feedback on this problem, I have uninstalled AAW, and will be recommending in other forums that users do likewise.
  6. I'm seeing the same here: aawservice.exe v. Ad-Aware2007.exe v. CEAPI.dll v. And def file is back to 0004.0000
  7. PawnRaider: Ad-Aware SE is no longer available for download from LavaSoft. The only place I could find it was from here: If this mirror disappears, anyone can PM me, and I'll figure a way to get you a copy.
  8. After many years using Ad-Aware free, in all its versions, I have finally thrown in the towel, because of all my problems with AAW 2007. I don't do this lightly- I recall when AAW was king of the heap for removing spyware. True, it never detected much more than the odd tracking cookie in recent years, but it never gave me any problems, and always played nicely with all my other defensive apps. And I figured it never hurt to have another on-demand scanner for that "rainy day". Until I installed 2007, that is. 1) It wasn't the several false positives that AAW 2007 first threw at me (more than I'd had in years). They were obvious FPs to me, and were quickly fixed in the next update. 2) It wasn't the service.exe that consumed more memory than my resident antivirus ( and more than any other service installed by any of my other defensive scanners). The "need" for this was well-explained. 3) It wasn't the fact that the version of the "heart of the detection" (aawservice.exe) wasn't displayed when I opened the program, or that the version of the GUI differed from the service (who cares about the GUI version?). 4) It wan't the fact that the Current Version of the definition files continued to disagree with the date of the "last update" (which continued to remain stuck at June 12/07, through several subsequent updates). 5) It wasn't the fact that when I tried to update, I no longer received the popup that I was "up-to-date". That too, was explained away, even though no other scanner I use uses this "no message means you are up-to-date" approach. It was all the error messages I received today when trying to update: ... followed immediately by: When I closed these error messages, AAW closed also. So I uninstalled AAW 2007, and downloaded/installed a fresh copy. I re-opened AAW, and tried to update again. Got this error message: That did it- enough is enough! I'm not a newbie when it comes to trouble-shooting scanners, but AAW 2007 has caused me more problems than it purports to prevent. My PC has never been compromised by malware, and gives me no other problems. I'm posting this as feedback, not as a rant. I hope that LavaSoft is listening. Win XP Pro Nod32 AV LinkSys Router Comodo Firewall Pro Comodo BOClean Windows Defender (resident AS) SpywareBlaster MVPS Hosts file AVG Anti-spyware (on-demand) a-squared free (on-demand)
  9. I am experiencing the same as WarrenPS, after installing the latest software updates ( Any anti-spyware program that cannot indicate to the user whether or not its definition files are up-to-date, isn't of much use. And my GUI is telling me that my last update was June 12, when I know I have the definition files from June 19 installed. Windows XP MCE 2005 IE7 Nod32 AV Windows Defender Comodo Firewall Pro
  10. After updating, I note that despite having the definitions file 0004.0000 dated June 19, the GUI still says last update was June 12. And the manual updater now no longer seems to work (ie- no popup that says definitions are up to date).
  11. Well, that is not what I'm seeing here:
  12. Why, after updating today, June19, to 0004.0000, does AAW 2007 (free) continue to say: Last update: 12/06/2007 Just curious ...
  13. If I can just add my 2 centimos to the debate here: There is a very easy workaround to this whole question, whereby aawservice.exe (or any other unwanted SaaS) gets loaded only for the brief period that you need it for an on-demand scan (no need for batch files, or running services.msc) : 1) Download the small and free utility WinPatrol from BillP Studios. (This is a security utility well worth having for other reasons, in any event). 2) Configure WinPatrol to not load at startup, but put a shortcut to it on your quick-launch taskbar. 3) Open Winpatrol>Services tab, double-click on Ad-Aware 2007 Service, and change it from automatic to manual. Close WinPatrol. The aawservice.exe will no longer load automatically at startup, or consume memory. 4) When you want to run an Ad-Aware scan, open the program and run it, as usual. 5) When the scan is finished, open WinPatrol>Services tab, double-click on Ad-Aware 2007 Service, and stop it (aawservice.exe). Works for me!
  14. Spike: Thanks for confirming that. (LS really ought to address the discrepancy!) Joe