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  1. OK, with other words "Adaware actually has server problems" would be enough as customer information, isn't it?
  2. It would be a great help for each user of Adaware, to see a notice on Adaware's Homepage or forum, that their servers are down for updates!
  3. The error message has gone and the updater works again.
  4. ..but what i do not understand is, that the regular update of the virus definitions works without any problems?
  5. ..by the way, do you remember these story?
  6. done, same error message
  7. Hello, pls find attached the requested information. I'm connected wireless
  8. Hello, is there anything new in this issue? Since days there is no chance to update Adaware to the latest version as the same error message always comes up? Thanks
  9. No, the updater doesn't work for several days with the same error message "error: Couldn't get server web installer info" and by the way, the standalone installer comes with VERSION: 12.2.876.11542 DATE: September 13th, 2017 Does this make sense? The latest version is.......... VERSION: 12.6.1005.11662
  10. Hi, i have also installed yesterday Ãd Aware on 3 computers and i also use NIS 2010 but i have no problems and the scan with Ad Aware and NIS 2010 works fine here. Michael
  11. Hi, i guess, you installed the latest version over the existing version. That is the bug, i made the same experience. Uninstall Adaware and install again and you will see, the update question has gone. Michael
  12. Hi, i am using AE version 146.0022, AE shows existing version 147.0, it will be downloaded but not installed. After restart, already version 146.0022 is shown. What has happened, guys from Lavasoft? Many thanks and best regards Michael
  13. Hi Erik, thanks a lot, i'll wait and see. The suggested workaround also doesn't work, i have added all drives in the settings, but AE can only scan one of four drives. It's not possible to choose all drives together. Best regards Michael
  14. Hi Raziel, yes, i did so. But nevertheless, if i choose "Full Scan", i also expect, that all disks will be scanned automatically.There are possibly a lot of users, trusting in scanning in the right way, but a the end of the day, only parts of their disks are scanned without knowing, that still a lot of risks are sleeping on the the other disks and will never be covered. Thanks Michael