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  1. The updates with the latest version of Ad-aware seem to have gone beyond a joke - this morning I have tried to update Ad-Aware 8.3.0 eight times to receive the latest 150.13 update - each time it appears to have downloaded/applied the same 68,000KB file and then relaunch the program (without reinitializing) and will not update to the latest update. Updating with other spyware programs are not this bad - Spyware Doctor & Malwarebytes take approx 15 seconds to update each day. I really hope the update problems are rectified soon.
  2. [quote name='cootmaster' post='120910' date='Jul 10 2010, 03:22 AM']is there a new engine i never remember it 3 times a day it says APPLYING UPDATE jhxljfj.en86i8.sbr.sgn or something and its not quick pulse its a longer download are theres released few times a day? whats sbr.sbn[/quote] I can update to the latest definition file but I have to update 4 ([b]FOUR[/b]) times a day to receive all the updates.
  3. Can someone please tell me what the current definitions file for Ad-Aware 8.3.0 is? According to the Lavasoft website is is 150.4 but I have performed an update 3 times this morning (downloading what looks to me the same files each time!) but the definition file does not change on the main page. It remains at 150.000 Please refer to attached screen shot:
  4. [quote name='pcguardian' post='120832' date='Jul 9 2010, 05:34 AM']I'd also like to know whether this version of Ad-Aware Free will conflict with McAfee Internet Security. Having paid for a two year subscription to McAfee, I don't want to remove that from my PC. Equally, I don't want to stop using Ad-Aware Free.[/quote] I went into settings and deselected the anti-virus engine check box. I have Norton Internet Security 2010 on PC and I don't want any conflicts.
  5. [quote name='SpySentinel' post='114550' date='Dec 19 2009, 03:49 PM']I have reported this to Lavasoft. Like visitor said, there may be a glitchy update to blame. We will wait until Monday to see what happens. @Newfan, do you have your firewall set to allow LSUpdate.exe and the other Ad-Aware files?[/quote] Yes my firewall is set to allow LSUpdate.exe and the other Ad-Aware files. I have never had problem downloading Ad-Aware files before.
  6. [quote name='SpySentinel' post='114535' date='Dec 19 2009, 01:51 PM']Hi Newfan, welcome to the [b]Lavasoft Support Forum[/b] You currently have the latest software updates and database updates. Are you behind a firewall or using a proxy?[/quote] If I have the latest software updates and database updates why is Ad-Aware downloading more updates. I am only using a firewall.
  7. I currently have Ad-Aware Version 8.1.3 (Database Version 0149.0118) on my PC. Is this the most current version? If do a web update it seems a new version is being downloaded but I can never complete the update as halfway through I always receive a 'Connection Error, check your settings' error. What is the most current version of Ad-Aware?
  8. [quote name='bliss007' post='113946' date='Dec 4 2009, 06:56 AM']Same for me today (pc was not on yesterday).[/quote] I also have the same problem!
  9. According to the Lavasoft website Definition File 0044.0000 is now available to be downloaded - however when I press the Update button on Ad-Aware 2007 I receive a message stating that 'You Definition File is Up To Date!"??? Whats happening??