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  1. As a WindowsMe user (who therefore can't use Ad-Adware 2007), and as a user who prefers to just use my computer rather than worrying too much about how it works, can I add my own plea to Lavasoft to make Ad-Aware Se Personal updates available via the 'auto-update' mecchanism again? Surely this would be a simple matter. This would be so much easier for us 'non-techies' than all this unzipping and extracting, whatever they are! Please Lavasoft, take pity on us! Adie
  2. I currently run Ad-Aware SE Personal on WindowsME. Reading the product details for Ad-Aware 2007 WindowsME is not listed as a compatable operating system (though Windows2000 is). Does anyone know whether Ad-Aware 2007 will in fact rum with ME? If there is doubt I would rather stick with SE, despite the withdrawal of updates. And anyway, all the adverse comments about Ad-Aware 2007 on this forum are not encouraging... Any info. would be appreciated. Adie