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  1. As John said, if you Update definitions to Def 123, and perform a scan the problem has been resolved. But it certainly had me worried last night.
  2. I sympathise with Okiemomo2, I too am using an older machine with Windows ME, and buying a new machine and upgrading to AA2007 are not options. Since my last update (R239 dated 16 April) I can no longer manually update AdAware SE definitions. I do not expect thateither of us will get a reply, let alone a solution to our problem, as LS seem to have totally abandoned us SE users.
  3. Hi, for some of us whether 2007 or SE is better or worse doesnt enter into the equation. I am running WinME and I cannot change to AA2007. Jane can you please let us know for how long LS will provide manual Definition updates for SE? A month, a year, longer? Ciao
  4. This is my second attempt at replying, as a newcomer I'm clearly not too good at this. My question is, if my OS Windows ME will not support AdAware 2007 and LS will eventually, probably much sooner rather than later, stop any Definition updates, even manual ones, what are our options? Any help gratefully received Thanks and ciao
  5. Hi, I have now received exactly the same message as you, quoting precisely the same number of days, on three different machines. Furthermore for the last two weeks I have been obliged to do a manual update of Definitions, which is a rather cumbersome process. I just tried logging on to plz direct to >> << and was denied access, did any of you get a satisfactory solution from this, and if so what was it? Thanks for any help, this is a great software that I really want to keep using, Ciao