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  1. The update window that continually pops up is extremely intrusive. If it were to update definitions that would be one thing, but it wants you to completely reinstall every time there's an update. Most likely to try and up-sell the services. I gave in to update and it stalls at about 80%. Left it on for two days with no change. About a year ago I tried Adaware and the EXACT same thing happened. So now for the second time, I have to completely uninstall this application. I will not try again this time.
  2. Yes, when something pops up that is unfamiliar, I usually do a quick google or yahoo search on it to find out what it is, as a lot of the standard processes don't offer a lot of info on themselves. This one in particular didn't reveal anything in a search, so I appreciate your help immensely!
  3. Yes, that IS the location of the file, and I am using an HP. There are so many things that try to access the net, it's hard to tell what's good and what's not. Thanks for the info!
  4. versionmanagercheck.exe has tried to access the internet. I denied it since I have no clue what it is, and a general search on the net didn't turn up anything on it. Anyone know what this is? thanks,
  5. I'm trying to install Ad-Aware 2007. I use windows vista home edition. When I finally got the installation file to download FULLY (it took 4 tries) now I can't get it to install past the "updating system" step. It gets to that point and just sits there. I thought perhaps it was trying to access the net, but I checked and there's no activity during this time in my firewall program. Any suggestions?