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  1. Not sure if any of this will work, it's been downloading for 35 minutes and about 50% done. I've spent several hours on this twice now. (manually downloaded definitions already but how would you know if really worked?) I'm wondering why I should be paying for a service that doesn't work and takes so much of my time. This isn't the first issue I've had dealing with Lavasoft (stopped backing up files online without notifying customers or refunding for the unused service period). Not too pleased and probably not going to renew without some major changes.
  2. Same Problem as everyone else (California). Day 5 and counting.
  3. Same problem, started earlier this week May 15th 2014 WTF
  4. I'm unable to back up my files on the Ad-Adware Total Security site, so after two weeks of back and forth with support staff here what I find: You can still buy Ad-Adware Total Security but it doesn't have the features advertised on the web site! I purchased a three year subscription and now they tell me sorry you're screwed. Below is the latest response from the support staff: red = support staff, black = my responses Dear Mr. _____ Thank you for the reply. Ad-Aware Total Security is a program for protecting computer from getting virus. Online backup was available within this program, (Your web site is still showing Online back up as a feature) but the current Total Security version does not have definition updates, that is why we recommend you to use Ad-Aware Pro instead. So to sum it up; Total doesn't have Online back up or definition updates and cost more than Pro? Backup feature is not available now. on what? Pro or Total? Both? Any Lavasoft product? Wow, I just can't understand what is going on? I paid for Ad-Aware Total for the web storage feature (it cost more than Ad-Aware Pro) and now you tell me feature isn't available so I should be happy with Pro? Does this sound a like consumer fraud to you?
  5. someone above said, I had to delete the free version to reinstall my "old" version? So I did. How do I reload my "old" version now that I found the lic keys? ************************************** Ok, reintalled the Free Version and entered by Lic Key ..... I guess I'm up and running? The page looks different than what I had and I haven't found the "backup files" feature? So I have no idea if I have the correct version running? and to further confuse things: Where is my Registry Tuner? My patience is getting thin ....... been trying for a week now.
  6. Windows died but got it reinstalled and saved my data BUT where is my Ad-Ware? guesss it's GONE. Tried to log into Customer support ...... humm, wants my email & password .... no luck bummer, asked for a new password ..... did it several times over the last 3 days but no new password has arrived (checking the spam folder too). I can login to this Forum using my user name but customer supports wants my email? I did get a "happy new years" e-card from LavaSoft today, so they have my e-mail. I tried the user name inleu of the email address but no luck. Is anyone home? sooooooo, how am I going to get my Ad-ware back? I loaded up the Free version to have something while I wait patiently ...... yea right
  7. Hi Larry I'm no help but I have same problem as do many others ....... so you're back on top. this is another post on the same subject In the past to fix this I've increased the size of the files to skip (in settings tab) to about double BUT it's not helping me now. Like you I'm waiting for some help. GoldToyBox
  8. Same here Adaware SE was a Jackrabbit Adware 2007 is a fat stupit lazy elephant good luck
  9. I have the same problem after update to def file 58? I found an old post to raise the size of files not to scan (in settings) but that didn't help. When I first installed aw 2007 I had the same problem and it never worked untill they came out with an updated version. So I'm frustrated too. I've un-installed and re-installed but same problem,
  10. Same problem here, unable to download updates via the program controls or from the LavaSoft site manually. The error screens says "unable to connect" to the lavasoft server. HELP SOS This error (HTTP 400 Bad Request) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the web server, but the webpage could not be found because of a problem with the address. For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.
  11. Further Update: Day four of the saga; Last night I lower the file size even further and sucessfully completed scans in both smart & full scan modes. Yea Hoo Now this morning I run a smart scan ...... freeze up again at the same location (requires Task Manager to shut down) Now it scans to approx 75% on the progress bar, then it stops ...... locks up? (in both Full & Smart scan mode) The "Section Progress" bar show 100% complete. The "Current Section" is "Scanning Folders (conditional) AND now when I 'update', Windows closes AW 2007 (send error report) So back to square one. I read so many post in this forum I'm getting a skull cramp! Should I lower the ' skip files larger than size' even lower? Is this counter productive to only scan small files, leaving the larger files unscaned AW 2007 seems to an "elephant" compared to the old version, very slow to open, update. I can see 20% spikes in CPU.
  12. UPDATE: After spending yesterday reading old posts on this forum and trying to get this to work using the advice given. Today I gave up and removed AW from my computer. I decided to re-install it from another site. This time I used (PC World Magizine). The icon said it was the 2007 Free version but it was the old AdWare SC version. It installed fine and I ran it in both Smart & Full scan. It found 42 items.... Huh????? The 2007 version was finding 104 items before it would freeze up????? And apparently the PCWorld version is only a one time use? So these old definations aren't going to clean up by computer. So back to Lava Soft and downloaded the 2007 version. Hey, this time it downloads with no problems! So much for the good news. It still freezes up in the same location in full or smart scans after finding 65 items. I've changed the "skip files larger than XXXXXXX" settings with the same results, freezing up at the same location. So the only improvement is the error 1814 is now gone. Any and all thoughts, advice and ??????? welcome Please Help. Thanks
  13. After using Adware SC for years without problems, I down loaded Adware 2007 free version (after a lot of problems). Now I still get System error 1814 when I start the program but I acknowledge it and the program opens up and seems to be working. Now it scans to approx 75% on the progress bar, then it stops ...... locks up? (in both Full & Smart scan mode) The "Section Progress" bar show 100% complete. The "Current Section" is "Scanning Folders (conditional) I have no cursor when this happens, only the hourGlass ..... it appears I can stop the scan with the hourglass using the "stop scan" button. But then it's locked up ...... I've attempted this 5 plus times and have allowed it to continue for more than 2 hours with no change in status. I'm using Win XP and checked for the updates & patches. I've found several others with the same/similar problem on the forum but no answers HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks