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  1. I (think I) installed the Free version of Ad-Aware a few days ago, but now I can't get past a red "Your Ad-Aware License Has Expired...Enter Serial Number" message. I downloaded Ad-Aware90Install.msi (9908KB) from here [url=""][/url] What do I do, please?
  2. is there an "uninstall tool" for Ad-Aware Free 8.3.3, please? (I plan to try Revo Uninstaller first, but in case that doesn't work I'd like to be ready with a plan B.) Thank you
  3. [quote name='skywalker' post='122013' date='Aug 22 2010, 07:51 PM']Sometimes a manual Update, and sometimes a manual Scan, will complete without this error, but usually not (when "not", I get the above message and I do "Click ok to send the report").[/quote]p.s. I notice that if I get the error message during a manual Update, then try to run the manual Update again, I then get a "Software is already up to date" message.
  4. I get the error message "Ad-aware was shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report" from 8.3.1 on all 3 of my computers when I wake up whenever a scan was scheduled overnight. Sometimes a manual Update, and sometimes a manual Scan, will complete without this error, but usually not (when "not", I get the above message and I do "Click ok to send the report"). This started a few weeks ago; I'm hoping to see it resolved before I uninstall Ad-Aware after many loyal years. All are also running: Windows XP Pro sp3 NOD32 Comodo Firewall Spyware Doctor Spybot
  5. [quote name='visitor' post='120613' date='Jun 30 2010, 01:18 AM']Is the file pathway the same?[/quote]yes, identical.[quote]It could be detection from a system restore point.[/quote]the path isn't within a System Restore Point (if I understood that line).[quote]The bug was reported to the development team again with version 8.2.2, so if it's the exact same detection, I guess they haven't fixed it yet.[/quote]interesting that it didn't happen immediately, and isn't affecting my other (identically configured XP Pro) computers (yet!). thanks for your reply, 'visitor'!
  6. Choosing "Add to Ignore" is "successful", but the next scan the item isn't ignored! Version 8.2.6
  7. Ad-Aware Free (now 8.2.2) scans have started stalling. more often if I'm running other things, but often even if no other scans, or my browser (Firefox) or email (Eudora), are running. on average, about half of the scans stall, randomly. this happens on three nearly identically configured computers also running: Windows XP Pro sp3 Comodo Firewall 4.0.141842.828 (or 3.14.130099.587) Eset NOD32 (or 4.0.314.0) PC Tools Spyware Doctor Spybot-SD Resident
  8. [quote name='casey_boy' post='115507' date='Jan 18 2010, 05:23 AM']Please run [url=""]Revo[/url] and use it to uninstall Ad-Aware if it is detected. Then try and reinstall Ad-Aware.[/quote]that did it, many thanks Casey!!!
  9. I get a BSOD ("lbd.sys") during the initial installation of Ad-Aware Free 8.1.3 (it happens during the startup after the reboot during the installation). I've tried the installation repeatedly (by restoring a backup image made first), and each time I get this BSOD at that point. how can I install 8.1.3 without this BSOD, please? thanks!
  10. is it possible to schedule an Ad-Aware (2008 Pro) scan which is Full except for skipping a folder? (my scans hang if I include SystemRestore, i.e. C:\System Volume Information ) (I see how to Custom scan without scanning that folder, but I don't see how to schedule a Custom scan) thanks in advance! j
  11. Ad-Aware 2008 (free) Full scans hang (Smart scans run fine). Ditto Windows Defender (on Full scans; Quick scans work fine). I got Sunbelt CounterSpy and it hangs too. what could be causing my antispyware scanners to hang? (SpywareBlaster and SpyBot scans run fine. Ditto Norton Antivirus. I'm running XP Pro sp3, a fresh install last month) I googled and searched forums for solutions but none worked. Sometimes it hung on System Restore; I turned it off and it mostly hung elsewhere. Sometimes it the hung on the Recycle Bin (which I've always had turned off!). System cleaning with CCleaner (which helped for some people) didn't help. Program uninstalls/reinstalls didn't work. I tried turning off resident antispyware aps. I tried going back (9 days) to my oldest Ghost backup image, but it already had the issue. I ran hard drive diagnostics, and CHKDSK, they show clean. I created ("slipstreamed") a XP Pro sp3 install disc so I could RUN | sfc /scannow; didn't help. With this slipstream sp3 disc I can now run a full Repair Install, and that's the only option I can think of now short of another full Fresh Install. I've wasted a week on this now because I feel the need to have full antispyware scans.
  12. oops, sorry! I found I could do this under "Processes"; Spybot appeared there after the warnings happened.
  13. how can I please stop Ad-watch from requiring me to click many warnings whenever Spybot's Teatimer does something? I'm using Ad-Aware 2007 Pro. thanks! skywalker