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  1. Hi Raziel Thank you for your reply. I wasn't aware the Anniversary Edition was free. I will check it out. I assume you are saying the popup cannot be done away with. Are you also saying that AAW AE free does not have a popup? Cause I'm not going to live with another one. I'll totally uninstall it. Being that I got an irrecoverable BSOD with SP2, and had to have a Windows repair done because of it, to the tune of $100+, I'm not updating to SP3, and my computer tech also suggested I not update. If it blue screened on 2, it more than likely will on 3. I will just wait until XP is not longer supported and just skip to Windows 7 cause I'll have to get a new computer to meet the requirements anyhow. How's that Have a great day, Judah
  2. How do I remove the popup to buy/try later the Pro/Plus every time I open Ad-Aware 2008? :angry: This is soooooo annoying. I never get popups, only inside this program.........a security program. My My. Isn't that something. I don't want to buy it. Asking once was enough, thank you. Thanks Windows XP SP2 IE6
  3. Hi Andy, I am going to try this again. The forum is not letting me post. It keeps giving me an error, something about Unauthorized Mismatched. Uploading file. I hope. Thanks Ad_Aware_20081025_19_47_43.log.zip
  4. Hello, My scan today found Win32.Trojan.Agent. The location was C://Program Files/TaxCut05/matrixapi.dll. I submitted the file to virusscan.jotti.org which found nothing: Service load: 0% 100% File: matrixapi.dll Status: OK MD5: a6a0b1d657fb2828b8d2721732abf230 Packers detected: ARMADILLO Scan taken on 26 Oct 2008 01:12:00 (GMT) A-Squared Found nothing AntiVir Found nothing ArcaVir Found nothing Avast Found nothing AVG Antivirus Found nothing BitDefender Found nothing ClamAV Found nothing CPsecure Found nothing Dr.Web Found nothing F-Prot Antivirus Found nothing F-Secure Anti-Virus Found nothing G DATA Found nothing Ikarus Found nothing Kaspersky Anti-Virus Found nothing NOD32 Found nothing Norman Virus Control Found nothing Panda Antivirus Found nothing Sophos Antivirus Found nothing VirusBuster Found nothing VBA32 Found nothing I can assume this is a false positive? Thanks
  5. Thanks Peter. I just updated to 0126 with no problem. I skipped manually updating 0125. Do I need to do that one? I thought this version was suppose to update faster. It took 30 minutes for this update. SE never took that long and I'm on dialup. I appreciate your help. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I have a problem here. When I start Ad-Aware 2008 Free, an error window pops up that says: An error occurred (with exclamation mark) Database Outdated definition file Suggested Action Please check your network and fir (the rest runs off the edge of the popup window) 2 When I click update, it says: Your definition file is up to date. I have Current Version: 0124.0000 9/24/08. But yet you are showing version 0125.0000 9/26/08 is available. So how do I get the latest definition file. Thanks. Windows XP SP2 IE6 (Side Note: When I click the “i†in the program in the top right corner, and click the link “Visit the Lavasoft Support Forumâ€, it takes me to the Support Center, not the forum.)
  7. Ok. The "Fix" worked for me. EarthLink, Dialup(no choice in my area), Ad-Aware free. I tried to update first. Clicked Check for updates now. Got Retrieving update, showing 5%, then still got the Error retrieving update, prior to downloading update. I uninstalled using Ad-Aware's uninstall in start menu. I made sure everything was removed--files, folders (did not do anything to registry). Rebooted. Installed the "fix". Rebooted. Updated. And it updated just fine. Rebooted, defragged just for the heck of it, and scanned. It seems to be working just fine now. Thank you for all your hard work. I sure hated to be without it. Any suggestions for a new ISP? BTW, it did update ok, prior to the "fix", on the OpenDNS.
  8. QUOTE(mattmusi64l @ Apr 3 2007, 05:06 PM) I am using Windows XP and Earthlink (New York City) and just now was finally able to update! Thank you!!!! I know I don't speak for every user but I hope others still suffering can update soon. Ummm, I think I spoke too soon. Its really funny that last night it worked, now tonight it don't, I'm getting the "error retrieving update" again. Why did it connect ok last night, but not tonight? I have not used CJ's link for the "fix" yet. I see some are having problems with that too, so I will wait. We have "patch Tuesday", now "patch Wednesday".
  9. Oh, forgot to ask. Can you please tell what caused this problem? It must have been a really giant gremlin, huh? IMHO, I think we all might like to know something about it. Thank you.
  10. Me too! I'm on Earthlink (Memphis, TN) and tonight I got No update components available, because I updated manually. But no errors. Thank you! (P.S. But I'm still not getting email notifications being subscribed to this topic)
  11. Another problem seems to have occurred. I am not getting email notifications upon replies in this topic. Hmmmmmmmmm.
  12. I'm on Earthlink dial up for over a year,and Ad-Aware free since version 6. I have not had a problem last this long either( except for the Authentication Check Beta which I uninstalled). DNS 207-69-188-185 207-69-188-186. It has updated with no problem through the SE1R162 21.03.2007 definitions. I just tried to update again and still got the error. I did the manual update per CJ's instructions and it worked fine. I now have SE1R163 26.03.2007. Spybot updates ok too. No problems with any other programs. I also updated another "ancient" computer today which is on broadband (not Earthlink) using the "check for updates now" in the free version, and it updated ok.
  13. All of the above since last night. ipconfig /all just flashes a black screen for a second and disappears. Still cannot update. I'm getting "error retrieving update". My last update is SE1R162 21.03.2007.
  14. Hi Jan J Yes, its a tracking cookie. It reports back to Omniture 207.net server (for lack of the correct word), a third-party, to track traffic to a site. Been there, done that. My ISP uses it so I don't even frequent their pages any more. Here is my thread and a link in the thread to that site and their policy. http://www.castlecops.com/t122057-Cant_get...net_cookie.html (No offense Lavasoft, just my experience). I put it in Restricted Site/Block Third-Party Cookies. I finally got it stopped. google it too. Info there. Hope this helps.
  15. I got the same update as Ant for the 10/12/06 update. But it updates correctly by manually downloading the definitions.