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  1. Not as quick as it needs to be. You only have to see the amount of Adaware users getting problems with SmitFraud labeled infections (Codec/z-lob) in the various support parts of these forums to see that the frequency of defs release is not very effective. Before anyone jumps on that last statement this is not appertaining to the z-lob installer(which is reapcked virtually all the time to avoid detection) so much as the underlying infection imported by it.(That infection gets a repack every 3-14 days) and if the defs updates don't coincide to incorperate the new mal defs then you see the results like i said in the help parts of these forums. Just do a forum search for "Codec" or " [email protected]" or "VirusBurtster" to see the underlying trend. This is ment as constructive critism in the hope that the folks at R&D will take note and improve update frequency to ease the strain on their support forums/helpers whilst improving the products overall effectiveness!
  2. Hi,hmm Those reg values are not complete so its hard to even google them to see if there showing up anywhere else. They could possibly be "orphaned" values from your original infection equally they could be falsepositives. Eitherway if your not experiencing the symptons of an infection or seeing evidence of these 2 malwares in effect,it is highly unlikely to be the real thing You are correct Viewpoint is indeed bundled with AOL. Anyway if your still paranoid you could always solicit help in the HijackThis forum.
  3. Hi rick bigs,before we rush to any conclusions lets have alooksee;) Could you please post details of what Xoftspy(ie file names,reg keys)etc The reason i suggest this is although Adaware/spybot update sporadically and regulary caught napping by new malware variants,XoftSpy is well known for producing f/p's(False detections) inorder to act as a goad to purchase their software.They have been in hot water before because of this practice. Also another tell-tell sign are you experiencing fake security alerts from tray,hijacked homepage and lots of annoying popups etc If the answer is no,then XoftSpy are probaly up to their old tricks
  4. Ok no problemos Safe mode operation(please print copy of instructions for reference/guide) http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/tsgen...src=sec_doc_nam Once in safe mode,please run Adaware scan and see if the problem still persists.If Adaware completes it scan can you copy& paste the Adaware logfile generated to your next post.
  5. I'm glad it all is sorted now FWIW The *issue* with the settings demonstrates how running multiple instances of like softwares in realtime can cause overlap and cause susequent issues.In your case you have 4 ASW softwares(Ewido,AOL,Mcafee,Spysweeper) running in realtime at the start of this topic and now 5(+SAS) at the end.They will certainly be chewing the same mud in quite a few areas on your PC,along the way naturally eating resources,downgrading your computer performance overall and in extreme cases have been known to cause more serious software peformance issues leading to software failure to protect in realtime. If you were my client i would highly reccomend you reduce antispyware realtime protection down to one dedicated software and keep the rest for on demand(not in realtime) use only. to check your pc for any threats that might have bypassed your primary(1st layer) of defence. As with antivirus,software firewalls,you only need one running in realtime from bootup.Anymore is a waste of resources/security risk and the side effects outway the benefits on offer hands down. Take care
  6. Hey like no problemo and i'm happy to confirm that the doubleteam of Adaware & SAS have expunged the infections Quite scarey that Ewido(now AVG asw),SpySweeper,Mcafee security suite and AOL antiSW got own3d ,but hopefully you will learn from this bout of Cyberclap.I strongly reccomend you stay clear of such *free films* because your security software will not bail you out if it dose'nt see the malware payloads contained in them. If your going to download files off the web heres a healthy practice to get into the habit of.Never run a file until you have uploaded it to both these sites for malware checking>>> http://virusscan.jotti.org/ http://www.virustotal.com/en/indexf.html Any warning(s) then delete it immediately!!! This is not 100% foolproof but it will reduce the risks and act as another line of defence for keeping malware of your PC Have HJT fix check the following lines O3 - Toolbar: Protection Bar - {8aed5df3-6e0b-4930-b1a5-f8aa8d757497} - C:\Program Files\VideoCompressionCodec\iesplugin.dll (file missing) O2 - BHO: (no name) - {7b4d79df-9ef0-429d-a0e9-d9b138c6a53b} - C:\Program Files\VideoCompressionCodec\isaddon.dll (file missing) BTW You have old versions of Sun java installed on your machine which are out of date and considered a security vulnerability because of known exploits in them.You will need to update to the most current version http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp scroll down to JRE vers 1.5.09 and download and then uninstall all previous versions listed in the add/remove application tab of your control panel. Anyhow take care in WWW land. Ade Just seen your last post,when you installed SAS did you have the box checked to protect your homepage ? On the main SAS gui,select "preferences" then Hijack protection tab LMK if that sorts it out for ya Edit to add missing links for Jotti/Virus total services
  7. These are not legit items and are evidence of a malware infection present on your computer unfortunetly.Please update and run a fresh Adaware scan then post a HijackThis log for analysis
  8. Hi adamanth You have an infection c/o a certain free media codec download Please update and scan with Adaware and the please download and scan with SUPERantispyware free http://superantispyware.com/index.html Reboot and the run HJT and post a fresh log on your next reply:)
  9. Hi have you tried scanning from safe mode yet ? Also when you say the *shutdown* do you mean Blue Screen of Death or just switch's itself off ?
  10. Hi driverman. Please update and scan/clean with Adaware.Reboot and generate a fresh HJT log and then copy&paste it to your next reply.
  11. Do i have an update issue with Adaware or has there been no updates since the 19/09/06 ?
  12. Hmm Hi Steve if HIBS is too problematical then what about a blacklist based process firewall for known malware installers. If bad code is stopped from executing then it cannot deploy and infect JMHO its better to stop the malware at the gate then to try and eject it once its in the house. Hi J, good to see ya postin' again
  13. Leaving aside the rights/wrongs of Adaware not detecting Hotbar Inc software,i'm wondering if their is any chance that this can be reviewed by Lavasoft R&D with views to reclassification of this software(s) inorder to protect Adaware Users's ? The reasons for this request is that Symantec got their way with Hotbar Inc to label their products as adware in an out of court settlement a couple of months ago and more recently Hotbar Inc have been purchased by Zango(180solutions) whose products Adaware righteously detect todate. So pretty please can adaware start calling a spade,a spade again ?
  14. Your welcome Michael I'm glad to hear that it might be resolved quickly but my only sentiment in all fairness is that if Lavasoft are going to act like "police" on antispyware products then they do it equally to all offenders and not just the smaller Vendors who are easy targets Good luck to both parties(Lavasoft/Noadware) in the product devs,one thing is sure the internet users needs more higher quality security software to choose from.It feels like for every 1 half decent software there are 20 poor ones waiting in the wings to rip folks off
  15. h Without wishing to detract but fwiw if your going after Noadware for the assumption it is generating F/P's to act as a goad to purchase then without meaning any offence but in all honesty why don't you go after the 2 biggest culprits for this modis operandi being Spyware eliminator and CA Pestpatrol ? In the past Noadware has made some cheap shots against a certain p2p software i have had installed on a clean pc but now it makes 0 detections against my clean 'puter. Would you like to see the Pestpatrol or SE log of my 100%malware free machine.They read like a horror novels