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  1. I was finally able this morning to do updates and do both scans. So what ever is going on lava soft must be working on it. Thanks for the help
  2. I just have tried to update again and it just keeps saying getting information about updates.....please wait and I have waited for quite some time and still nothing. Still in need of help???? Also I tried to do going to the website directly on a link you gave in another post and tired to update their directly and it gave me a file called core one and it is a zip file I don't have anything to upzip it and am not going to buy something else. What do I do with this file now. Can I just delete it and will that remove it or do I need to do something else as well. Please advise. Monica
  3. Ok to get win zip I have to buy it. There is no other way of updating without buying something else. This is crazy. What do I do with what I have now the in the core 1 file Map
  4. Ok I get what your saying Brian but what do I do now that it's in a file that states core 1????? I don't know about unzipping etc so I need steps on what to do next. Map
  5. Hi I went to this and it downloaded it as core 1 in a folder what am I suppose to do now??? It's not in the lava soft. Help
  6. Well before doing a full scan I thought I better do an update and that would not let me it states an error occurred then states SSL download failed run web update which I went to the side bar and tried to do a web update and it said the same thing as above so now I can't update. I could before at least do an update please advise thanks Map
  7. Hi I was able to complete a quick scan and will set to do the full one once I am ready to get off line. If I have a problem I will come back and post here again. Map
  8. I did try to do this once before and it would not let me change the settings. this time it has so I am trying a scan again. Will let you know if it works. Map
  9. I I deleted just as it instructs you to do and I don't show it anywhere on my computer.
  10. I tried that too as I had seen your post in another area it did get further then it normally does but it still would not finish after hours. So I don't know what to do next. Map
  11. I deleted it just as it shows to do so. I don't show it on my computer. I still can't complete a scan and about ready to give up with this program.
  12. Hi I have tried many of your suggestions and one was to change some of the settings and it will not let me change them I also read that maybe norton could interfere with it and I have tired to turn norton off while it scans and have had not luck my norton after awhile comes back on again. Since we had to switch from SE too this it's been a nightmare. I am wondering if there is something else out there that is free as well that is not such a headache as this as it seems lava soft could care less on fixing the problems. I have xp any help would be appreciated I am about ready to remove it completely as it's doing me no good.
  13. It seems like many of us our having the same problem does anyone have any answers on how to correct this. I have tried to update and it tells me my files are up to date each time I do that. I tired scanning for over 24 hours and still would not end a scan. We need help!!!!!