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  1. Just received update 149.0079, a rather large one. Not only does the scan still hang, but it gets no further than Processes, and I let it run for at least 18 minutes. Before that it scanned as far as 33000 objects in Critical Areas before stalling. Using Home version of xp on Dell 8200. And to add to further woes, the program automatically reboots, but fails to load, requiring a re-start of the computer. On the other hand the program works just fine on my 5100 Inspiron with the same Symantec Norton Systemworks 2005. Have notified Symantec who claim there will be issues with conflicts as new updates occur from either side. Still waiting for a resolution from LavaSoft and Symantec. May have to abandon Ad-Aware and look for another anti mal/spy ware program.
  2. Have discussed the Norton/LavaSoft Ad-Aware conflict with Symantec. They claim there will always be conflicts with new updates from either side.

  3. 8.1 stalls in smart scan after 33800+ objects in critical areas "enumerating clsid's" and then disappears. Using home version xp on Dell Dimension 8200 desktop. No problem with Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. Both use home version xp and Symantec Systemworks 2005. Both computers had no problem with earlier version of Anniversary Edition Free. Tried uninstalling and re-installing on the 8200 with same results. Reading forum reponses indicates others are having similar problems . Request Lavasoft post an indication of what they are doing.
  4. l loaded 8.1 and scanned 33766 objects in smart scan. On reaching the last object in critical areas the scan proceeded to check enumerating clsid's. After several minutes, during which no additional objects were scanned, the application abruptly stopped and disappeared. I did this several times and got the same result. I then deleted Ad-Aware 8.1 and reloaded it. I got the same result on my Dell desktop Dimension 8200 with Home version of xp. Have also downloaded version 8.1 to my Dell laptop Inspiron 5100 with no problem. Also using Home version of xp. Is there a fix for this problem on the desktop unit? I have noted other posts with similar problems.
  5. Installed Ad-Aware 2007 within the past 10 days. Have recenty twice experienced the same freeze as reported by iwontchatdontask.