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  1. Dont become so disgruntled Casey Is is trying to help, also just because you install a new scanner doesnt mean that will find,quarantine, and or delete the virus. The reason he wants you to install the new version is because it has new feature the old adaware free didnt have. [quote]# New!Core Malware Protection # Ad-Watch Live! Basic integrated real-time protection # New!Genotype Detection Technology # New!Behavior-Based Heuristics Detection # New!Rootkit Removal System # New!The Neutralizer Malware Removal Tool # New!Download Guard for Internet Explorer # Minimal Strain on System Resources # Easy to Install & Use # Automatic Updates[/quote] With the real time protection of the new adaware, you probably would not have gotten the virus at all. The new removal tool of new scanner does help your situation now, though. Lavasoft has been working hard on making their free version better, not just their paid for version. Virus are nasty though and the bad ones are designed not to be removed, that is what casey meant by the HJT forum. Their is tool to help find each place the virus has replicated and/or corrupted. Good part is the tool is a exe, meaning you just run it and don't have to install it.
  2. Just letting you know ad-aware doesnt do email scans, it just san for bugs in general. I'm glad it got yours. Since you caught the bug, you might try using the trial version of adaware plus or pro. They with with a anti virus scanner and definitions. The free version is heuristics based, which means, Good idea with the safe mode. If for some reason plus or pro doesnt work repost and we can try some other things or may be go the Hijackthis forum here for some in detail removal. good luck
  3. Good Idea, sounds like you have a file left over or maybe a corrupted uninstaller might revo in safe mode
  4. After you open Adaware, click the extra tab, click settings, then customize. The languages should be there. I'm testing the beta version, but the 2008 should be about the same. Hope this helps.
  5. Turn all the settings for unload modules,browsers, unload malicious files, and any other unload. Then make sure that quarantine files prior to removal is on,remove files at startup. Make sure when you are running a scan that you do not reopen your browser, if the browser is open then adaware will not remove them. Try that then post back.
  6. It is possible that with the new update that the file wasn't threat. Some times you get false positives, meaning that they are not malicious, but the way the program behaves acts like a virus. If it is quarantined it will keep it there till you remove it or delete it. Are you using only one spyware/antimalware scanner? When it comes to spyware scanners, more is ok, just don't have more than one real time scanner going or one scan going at a time. Go here and scroll down and read the blog on Liveone care and morro. This is basically what Lavasoft is explaining. I have 4 right now, that I use. 2 of them I wont go without, one being Adaware.
  7. I understand, its frustrating knowing you have bug and especially frustrating is you can't get rid of it. I have gone as far as to reformat to get rid of it. Unfortunately with business computers you usually can't do that, not counting the loss of business while your down to. The software tool used for Adaware for removal isn't very powerful. I think they do that for several reasons, but the main is if you yank some code out of infected piece of programming you can end up messing up your computer. The good news is the removal tool for the new version coming out is more powerful. It has already removed a bug that the 2008 version couldn't, not to mention the scanner is better. I thought it was gone till the beta found it. Don't go sign up for the beta yet, its still buggy.
  8. What OS are you using? Make sure you are installing with administrator rights. As for the removal of 2007,yes. Do a clean install of 2008. I know it says you can upgrade without uninstalling, but sometimes it messes up. I found it was better just to start from scratch. Posted at the top of this forum is a install guide with some helpful hints. The uninstall guide is pretty basic. Go ahead take a look and then give it try. Let me know how it goes.
  9. Is your browser closed during the scan and removal? I know if you have the unload browser checked, adaware will shutdown your browser, but if you reopen it then it cant remove them. Are they just cookies Adaware is trying to remove? Adaware doesn't have any trouble removing any cookies. Virus on the other hand are different that can be much more difficult to remove and can cause all sorts of problems. If you are still experiencing problems after doing what I said then I would have to think that you are infected. Depending on what virus, they can avoid detection much less removal. Go here read this and then post here Be patient those guys volunteer their time, they dont work for lavasoft just like alot us that help here on the forums. We volunteer to help people get their computers working properly.
  10. in your settings for adaware, make sure you have the all the unload features checked. unload modules, unload browser, unload malicious files, remove files at startup, delete restored files, quarantine infected files, and change you tai setting to what you want it to be. Remember it will only find and remove what you have it set at. I was going off memory, I am doing the beta right now. so those settings won't be exactly named like that, it is close though. If it doesn't get rid of it after that you could have a virus. you need to go the hijack this forum here and follow what they have posted.
  11. The ones that can be deleted will be in listed in the final results. You check the box and delete, if they are below the tai setting you have set then adaware will ignore them. Also just to make sure, you can use track sweep and delete everything listed then run a scan to make sure they are gone
  12. make sure you have your settings on, quarantine prior to removal/ unload objects prior to scan or something like that, check all of those/ Now when a scan is going you can not open your browser or it will not delete. Make sure delete restored items is checked I am using a the beta right now so I cant give a screen shot. The new version doesn't even look close to the 2008 version, but those I listed are the main ones. Do some searches for this subject, there are a few posts with screen shots and some were replied by me. Let me know how it goes, also are you using any other spyware or malware products? Goodluck
  13. If you formatted your hard drive and reinstalled xp pro, then something else is infected. Like your usb drive or a mouse and devices like that. You need to go to the Hijack this forums for help with infections that can not be deleted by adaware. Do exactly as here in this link. Then post here Goodluck
  14. Do a password reset and when you get the new password, type it in. For some reason copy and pasting doesn't work or at least for me it doesn't.
  15. Adaware is good and having pro helps protect you, but that just shows how nasty those bugs have gotten. Unfortunately, the bad hackers and scum of the world will always be an extra step ahead of the protection world. They get to take the protection software as soon as it out and rip it apart for flaws. Sorry you having trouble, but a thread off on where you need to be. Go here and make a post and follow the instructions pinned to the top of the thread. Be patient those guys volunteer and it can take a day or to get help. While your waiting go into privacy options and and turn off accept third party cookies. That will help a little. pinned part do exactly what it says Best Wishes & Goodluck
  16. Runonce is a needed program,disabling can be harmful to your computer. That said you can do it, but you will have to research how to do it. Sorry, I can't help some one possibly hurt themselves or their computers. Mostly, runonce is only used at startup, but sometimes when loading a program or something it will come back up. Some people do experience problems with runonce and you might be one of those. I only notice it when I install something every now and again. Do change your home page to a good one, if that is what I am understanding. I couldn't tell why the url changed to that. Oh, don't worry about the your english, your doing a good job of translating or if your using a translator it is doing a good job.
  17. Well Charlie you hit the nail on the head with my one major gripe about Adwatch. The pop ups do not give enough information to make an informed decision about what is going on. The main thing is you have to pay attention to what is going on when you get a pop up. If you open IE and get a pop up, then you know that IE is doing it and you can check yes. IE will make a registry change when you open or close it and you will continue to get pop ups unless you set adwatch different. I have mine set on use trusted programs list. That way I don't keep getting pop ups and unless and another change is made too registry, you will not get another pop for that event. For the most part, most of the time the popups can be allowed. If the program is malicious you will get a different pop up, but still pay attention to what is going on and what you are doing. It is when your not doing anything that the pop ups should alarm you, although auto updating will cause popups when your not doing anything. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the next version. lol,you beat me to it Raz. I go ahead and leave my post.
  18. My pleasure, glad we could get it working properly for you. I'll be closing this thread, if you have any more problems just repost.
  19. Yea, those 2 are related to antivirus, which comes with the plus and pro versions. Sorry Just remember if you delete all cookies the you have to continually retype password and things like that. Basically you want to chunk the advertising cookies and keep the rest. A good start is to open your your internet options in IEand change your privacy settings to block third party cookie and for Firefox goto your tool and then options and under the privacy tab uncheck the third party cookies. You can also make it so that you do not accept any cookies in each, but then your having to do what I described before.
  20. I bet your getting when you check your mail, huh. Just, because its malware doesn't mean its malicious. If the the TAI factor is lower than what you have it set at in adaware, the Adaware won't remove it. If it is malicous then Adaware might not be finding it. The bad maleware can be very sneaky, they design them to hide. The best defense is a good offense, get preventive software. Adaware free doesn't do that, it just scan after the infection, if you don't want to buy one then Spybot offers a good one for free. Malware and virus are not the same as they used to be. The malware and virus world is evolving, they don't make them to mess up your computer anymore, they make them to either watch what you do or to hijack your computer and make it part of a botnet. Goto our our Hijack this forum and make a post there explaining your problem in detail, but before you do there are some posts pinned to the top of the forum that you need to follow. Be patient those guys volunteer and it can take a day or two before someone can help, but they will get to you.
  21. Remember Adaware will ignore infections lower than the TAI setting you have it it. Check in sscanning tab in settings to verify. I set mine at 2, but it is a personal choice, 3 is ok to leave. As for your other settings, make sure that your settings match mine in the screen shots and it will take care of some issues with cookies not being deleted. Copy the settings I have underlined and as for safe mode, it is up to you. Oh, there is also a setting for tai in auto scan. So if you do auto scans, adaware follows that setting. Go over your help file. It is the ? mark in Adware. It will help explain other settings I didn't list · Ignore infections with TAI lower than “Xâ€: Items that receive a TAI (Threat Analysis Index) level less than 3 are considered to be low risk threats. You may choose to ignore low risk infections. · Automatically remove infection with TAI higher than “Xâ€: Allows you to automatically remove infections above a specified TAI rating in a start-up scan. · Quarantine objects prior to removal: Quarantines objects that have been marked for automatic clean. · Safe mode: A dialog box requesting confirmation will be displayed when altering (removing, quarantining, etc.) objects. · Delete restored items: After the objects in Quarantine are restored, the quarantine file is deleted. If disabled, the quarantine file will remain on the system even after restoring its contents. Cleaning Engine · Unload modules: Ad-Aware 2008 will unload running process modules that have matches in the Detection Database. · Unload browsers while scanning: Any browsers that are open will be closed before a scan is performed. · Suppress failure warnings: Messages with certain objects that cannot be removed will be suppressed. · Let Windows remove files at start-up: If it is necessary to restart your computer to remove a file, Ad-Aware 2008 will request that the files be removed during the next system restart. Ad-Aware 2008 will instruct Windows to remove these files at start-up. Processes Detected During Scan · Unload malicious processes & modules: This allows Ad-Aware 2008 to close any currently running process or module that is recognized by the Detection Database. If this setting is disabled, the recognized process or module will continue to run during the remainder of the scan. Deactivation of this option does not imply that Ad-Aware 2008 will not be able to remove the executable if selected for removal by the user, just that removal will happen more efficiently if the process has already been stopped. · Remove malicious LSPs: LSPs, or layered service providers, are often exploited by spyware and adware. If selected, Ad-Aware 2008 will remove LSPs in detection. Good luck, let me know if this works.
  22. Be sure to save the pic as a jpg, is you send it as a bmp, it makes it were you have to download it to see it. Uploading as a jpeg puts the pic in the thread. If doing what I said before didnt work then I will let another helper help you. I am good with vista, my xp skills are gone now. I quit using it over a year ago. Don't worry if someone doesn't come along tomorrow, I will get someone for you. There are alot of good people here that are willing to help at LS. Once you get to 3, you will see a green plus sign plus other options, when you click the arrow. The green plus sign will place the pic were the cursor is in the post.