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  1. Never mind. A reboot (actually, two reboots) set things right. Now I have AAW 8.2 up and running. It only took me two hours of messing around! It would've been nice of they'd mentioned that the fix might work after a reboot. Sorry to trouble you all, and thanks for your comments.
  2. I just downloaded AAW 8.2 and the program immediately crashed and will not start. We've been told that there's a fix available, and we should obtain it by clicking Web Update. Nice theory. The trouble is, it's impossible to do a Web Update because the program won't start! Is there any prospect of a fix that might actually correct the problem? Last week I wasted several days of my limited computer time getting AAW to run properly. Lavasoft Support could not help at all, and it took days of posting back and forth in these forums to get the issue resolved. Today I started AAW and got the message about the 8.2 upgrade. Of course, as we all know by now, 8.2 won't start. I went to Lavasoft Support, where it says they have 24/7 chat support, and there was no chat support available. I clicked the appropriate boxes and wrote a detailed e-mail to Lavasoft Support, and the e-mail was rejected. I came to this forum and say the information about the supposed fix, which requires a web update, which is not possible because the program will not start. What is wrong with Lavasoft?!?!?! Don't they test anything before they release it? Haven't they got the sense to figure out that a fix for a program that won't start isn't any good if it can only be obtained after the program has started? Has Customer Support shut off chat and e-mail because they don't know what to tell anyone? Last week I felt that the money I spend on my Ad Aware license was wasted. Now I feel like it was stolen! This program is nothing but garbage, and every update is worse than the last! I am getting really upset about how Lavasoft is not only taking my money for software that doesn't work, but is wasting my valuable time as well! They should be paying me, not me paying them!
  3. Well, so far, so good! AAW and AWL have been running all day and they haven't detected Sun, which is always running. They haven't started any cookie-triggered scans either, though I haven't been on the web enough to know if that means much. Anyway, now I know what to do if that starts to happen. Thanks for your help!
  4. I just ran a scan and Sun.exe was not detected! Nothing has changed since yesterday, except that I shut down the computer for the night and booted up again this morning. (When I booted up this morning I found that the monthly Windows updates were ready to install, and I installed them, but I don't see how that would have anything to do with the AAW issue.) Is it possible that the new detections file didn't work until this morning's reboot? Is that how AAW is supposed to work? I have another question. The scan found many cookies, and before the repeated Sun.exe detections forced me to shut down AAW, I had also been having trouble with cookies triggering far too many unscheduled and unwanted scans. How can I disable cookie detection in Ad-Watch Live while keeping the other real time protections intact? I will leave AAW and AWL running today (unless too many cookie-triggered scans drive me crazy!) to see if Sun.exe is really being ignored. I hope so! I will post again this evening and let you know if Sun.exe is finally being ignored. (And I'll check back sooner for an answer to my question about cookie detection.)
  5. [quote name='LS Pekka' post='116438' date='Feb 9 2010, 06:16 PM']Hi mmorr99! This False Positive was detected on behalf of the AV scanner in Ad-Aware. Please update to the newest Ad-Aware definitions and the issue should be resolved. Thanks for notifying us about the issue Regards, LS Pekka Lavasoft Malware Labs[/quote] I just downloaded the latest update, installed it, and a few minutes later Ad-Aware popped a box telling me it had detected a malignant process and was starting a scan. Sure enough, the "malignant process" was Sun.exe, which it misidentified as Trojan-Spy.Win32.Banker.byh. Your update did NOT fix the problem!
  6. Here it is, another copy. But it's exactly the same as the one attached a few posts earlier in this thread...
  7. [quote name='mmorr99' post='116360' date='Feb 7 2010, 09:00 AM']OK then, I'll do that. I guess it didn't look so simple when the instruction was within a longer post. Or more likely, I was just so harried and frantic that the simplicity of it didn't register. Thanks.[/quote] OK, I did that yesterday, and AAW is sleeping peacefully. I can wake it up, update it, run a scan, and put it back to sleep. Alas, I've regained the uninterrupted use of my computer at the sacrifice of real-time protection. I hope they can get this mess fixed so I can run AAW and AWL the way they are meant to be run.
  8. [quote name='LS Albin' post='116378' date='Feb 8 2010, 01:52 AM']Hi! We currently not detecting sun.exe. Are you sure the file was detected? I can't see any hits on the file from your logreports. Thanks Albin Lavasoft Malware Labs[/quote] I'm certain of it. Every time a scan would start a box would pop saying that a malicious process had been detected. When the scan ended, the report would tell me that only one item had been detected, a trojan, Sun.exe, and the file path was correct for it: C:\Sun.exe. There is no doubt that this is the application that AAW thinks is a trojan. I saw Sun.exe listed in the logs I sent in, though I don't understand that stuff well enough to know what the context indicates. Attached is a zip with the whole contents of my log folder. Also included are screen shots showing Sun.exe detected, Sun.exe quarantined, and Sun.exe on the Ignore list (with duplicated entries deleted.) I hope this helps.
  9. OK then, I'll do that. I guess it didn't look so simple when the instruction was within a longer post. Or more likely, I was just so harried and frantic that the simplicity of it didn't register. Thanks.
  10. [quote name='visitor' post='116342' date='Feb 6 2010, 08:34 PM']Did you try Casey's suggestion, stopping the Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service and setting it to manual startup?[/quote] No, mainly because I'm so frantically busy and have so little time on the computer, and have fallen so far behind on things I need to do in that limited time, that I just haven't had a chance to do that. And until afew hours ago there seemed no need. Also, since I hope that they'll soon get Sun cleared and into the next def update, maybe I won't have to do it at all, and can save not only the time it takes to do it, but the time it would then take to undo it. It may sound simple enough, but I'm not real knowledgeable about that sort of thing, so it would be a matter of tediously reading the instructions over again between every step - so if I can get AAW to behave for hours at a time for just the next couple days, maybe it will settle down after the next def update. maybe... I hope... I also take some heart from the comment above that the ignore list glitch is expected to be fixed soon. I hope that means Very soon! I believe the cookie hypersensitivity I encountered may really be just the same few cookies being detected over and over again, so even if I can't keep cookie detection from turning itself back on, maybe I can just add the offending cookies to the ignore list - once the ignore list is working... I used to think that releasing software before it was ready for prime time was a Microsoft thing - you know, the famous Microsoft development cycle: do a sloppy job developing a program, fail to test it sufficiently, release it before it's ready, don't bother to fix it because the replacement is due soon - which will be developed sloppily, tested inadequately and released before it's ready... But recently it seems that the whole software industry is following that scenario. The latest version of Firefox is so troublesome that I had to roll back to the previous version, and it's clear from their support forums that a whole lot of other folks did the same thing. Internet Exploder 8 doesn't work with a lot of websites without applying some kind of adaptation to each site individually; IE7 has no such trouble. The latest version of Norton AV is glitchy and bug-ridden, and far more troublesome than earlier versions. I've heard similar complaints about other programs. What's going on??? Can't anyone get anything right anymore?
  11. OK, now I'm getting really angry and frustrated. Yesterday I unchecked all the modules in Ad-Watch Live settings, and when I booted up today Ad-Watch Live stayed off - until a little while ago. Suddenly it sprang to life, popped a box telling me it had detected a malignant process, and started a scan. Once again it detected the benign process Sun.exe, and this time it quarantined the file without asking me what to do. Previously it asked me first and I said to ignore it and add to the ignore list, but this time it quarantined it without asking, and I had to restore it. As soon as I restored it. AAW shut it down and quarantined it again. When I went to Ad-Watch Live settings I found that all the modules whose boxes I unchecked yesterday were checked again. I just unchecked them again and rebooted, but the way Ad-Aware is supposed to work, according to what I've read here, I shouldn't have to keep doing this. I do not have time for this. I'm falling further and further behind in my work because AAW is wasting so much of my time. AAW used to be a good program, but the current version is garbage.
  12. [quote name='casey_boy' post='116308' date='Feb 5 2010, 02:03 PM']Lol. He did... We must offer a better level of support [/quote] Well, he offered me a refund... I'd rather get the program working properly. Or at least unobtrusively. Actually, the rep did help some; he told me how to find a couple of things I couldn't find by myself. And he put up with several days of my increasingly annoyed and decreasingly civil e-mails. Still, this forum helped more. So far, so good. Ad-Watch Live seems to be sleeping peacefully and AAW is awake but quiet. But I haven't been booted up very long. I ran the computer for a while this morning and seem to have successfully shut down AWL. I just booted up again little while ago, so I can't be sure, but I think that if AAW was going to jump into an unwanted scan, it probably would've done it by now. We'll see... Thanks again
  13. AAW keeps identifying Sun.exe as a Trojan (despite it being placed on the Ignore list three times!) Sun is a little program that tells the time of sunrise and sunset, morning and evening civil, nautical and astronomical twilight for the current date and the following day. I suspect that it might connect with the Naval Observatory or the National Bureau of Standards to keep its information updated, and maybe that's why it looks like a Trojan to AAW and Ad-Watch Live. It's a Windows 95 program that's been around since 1997. I found it when it was recommended in an Earthlink newsletter last year. I've been using it for a long time and I really like it. I recommend it to anyone who likes to have some awareness of what's happening outdoors while they're stuck working at their computer. (Can you tell that I hate to be stuck at my computer?) Attached are copies of a couple of scan logs that show Sun.exe being detected, and a zipped copy of Sun. I hope AAW can be made to stop detecting this little application, [i]especially since AAW will not observe its own ignore list[/i]. These constant detections and the scans they trigger are so disruptive that I was forced to turn Ad-Watch Live off completely, and I would like to regain the ongoing protection that I've paid for.
  14. [quote name='casey_boy' post='116265' date='Feb 4 2010, 02:16 PM']No problem With regards to the cookies, you can always disable cookie scanning and just use your browser to control them. Also, you don't actually have to load Ad-Aware to view it's logs. You can find them here: C:\ProgramData\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs (vista/7) C:\Application Data\All Users\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs (XP) Casey[/quote] Thanks, The only place I could find to disable cookie scanning was in the Scan settings, not the Ad-Watch Live settings. I unchecked tracking cookies there. Was that what you meant? I clean out my cookies at least once a week, so I don't think I'm losing much by disabling cookies in the scan settings. I want protection against serious malware; I can live with cookies, even tracking cookies. I found the logs and will submit one now, as soon as I finish typing this message. I just disabled all Ad-Watch Live modules, so AWL is now completely shut down. I'm not going to try to shut down AAW completely, since I think keeping AWL turned off should make AAW stop pestering me. I hope... If AWL will stop launching unwanted scans, I'd rather have AAW stay awake so it can fetch updates as they become available. Incidentally, this morning, before I shut off AWL, it picked up Sun.exe again, as usual, and started a smart scan. This time the smart scan took almost an hour! I hope Lavasoft understands how disruptive it is for AAW to ignore the ignore list. Fixing this glitch should be a top priority! It shouldn't have to wait for the next new version; it should be fined ASAP in the earliest possible update. I will post again late today or maybe tomorrow, and let you know if I've finally got AAW under control. Or of not, I'll have more questions... Thanks again. Now I'm off to start a very busy day, trying to make up lost time and get some of the work done that I didn't get to yesterday because I spent so much time messing around with AAW. Oh, I almost forgot. I'll check back later to look for an answer to my question about whether that was the correct place to disable cookie scanning. If I wasn't supposed to disable it in AAW Scans, then I'll need to know how to disable it in just AWL. Mick
  15. Thanks for the tips, both of you. I have copied and saved your replies. Hmmm, maybe if they get the ignore list working I can just turn on AAW and let it run in the normal way. Well, that is, if the cookie hypersensitivity will allow it... Maybe the next version won't be so sensitive... We can hope... I will submit Sun.exe to the False Positives forum tomorrow. Today I'm way too busy to boot up AAW to get at the scan log; I don't have time to hassle with getting it to shut down and behave itself right now. I will also try the suggestions on how to get it to shut down and keep quiet, but it will probably be tomorrow before I get a chance to read and comprehend the instructions. Too frantic and frazzled right now. I will post and let you know how it goes. Thanks again.