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  1. Sorry Guys When i sent the last post MAIN did not appear in the list . today when I opened regedit MAIN was there!! However when MAIN is selected the following info is shown Name TYPE data DEFAULT REG_SZ (value not set) in front of default ab in red in box
  2. Thanks ,your pic of regestry makes it very clear. Don't know how to take pic of my registry! but not the same . After ................. InternetRegistry Linksexplorer LowRegistry New Windows ................ not Main.. no Main shown, no Media, MenueSetup or PageSetup either PhishingFilter SearchScopes SearchURl Security Services Settings TabbedBrowsing ToolBar TypedURLs URL Search Hooks Zoom Yes tried option one ( line three previous post) no problems doing it but IE reverted to msn after opening .
  3. Thanks for suggestions... Tried changes to Ad Aware 2008 plus....Under Browser default . changed from msn to Google, also Reg Shield > trusted programmes> enabled Google toolbar. When IE opens still flashes //go.microsoft.com.au/fwlink/?linkId=6915 then to www.msn.com. Have checked that default in Ad Aware still set for google. Have also tried Fix runonce I E (option one) made all the changes Ok. but still going straight to msn when IE is opened Have a problem with 'Fix runonce error" get to Internet Explorer OK but no "Main" shown in list and cannot locate ..RunonceHasShown.. anywhere else ? (xp is version 5.1 service pack 2) So far Norton say not caused by them.. Lavasoft say not infected with anything they are aware of.
  4. Internet Explorer 7 is locked into "msn "as home page and will not allow me to change to Google. Norton have done a "live check" of my system and say that their programme is not preventing the change. A couple of forums have suggested that Ad Aware may be preventing the change. Can anyone advise if this is so or on how to solve the problem. running win xp pro