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  1. Thanks for your help Spike - it really is appreciated. I'll wait out for now. Cheers, Mickt
  2. Thanks Spike, I've downloaded the version you directed me to but it resulted in the same error message recurring. Wonder if Chemist experienced the same outcome...? Cheers,. Mickt
  3. Hi Spike, Uninstalled AAW SE Personal Followed the screen shots for XP as per your post - and succeeded. Clicked on aaw2007 to install but error message was returned "aaw2007.exe is not a valid Win32 application" Look forward to your response (thanks so far, by the way) Cheers! Mickt
  4. Spike, I had a similar outcome to Gramma Wenni, in that I got the 'successful' message. However, when I clicked on the installation file it still returned the "aaw2007exe is not a valid Win32" message. I run an XP machine. Tell me it's something really simple please...? Cheers, Mickt
  5. Hi spike, I too have just downloaded Ad-aware 2007 Free. Upon trying to install the message appeared, "c:\path\aaw2007.exe is not a valid Win32 application" This may be a common problem for others... Look forward to your response. Cheers, Mickt