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  1. Thank You for the great step by steps! I followed them fine and got the success message, but when I clicked on my Ad-Aware 2007 file I had downloaded into my Temp File I still got the error message that the Publisher could not be verified. Do I need to close down and reboot before it takes effect? Sorry, to be such a rookie! Gramma Wenni
  2. huh: Yeap! Me Too! Same exact problem as above. I have had this problem with other program downloads and been told that I need to download differently because of the Win32 but noone has told me how to do that. Something about having to change something in security settings but I need to know exactly which ones. Running XP and downloaded with IE7 all updates done with Windows currently also. Mine downloaded successfully, I saved the second time around to Temp File but will not run. Please Sendi help!! Gramma Wenni a.k.a. Rookie at this stuff