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  1. Just Downloadeded the 2007 Lavasoft edition because the one I had was discontinued. I previously had this with Ad-Aware Se Personal Plus with Ad-Watch which I purchased a while ago. Now I'm unable to access the Ad-Watch feature. Evidently, Lavasoft is into the money game where the old is obsoleted and a "buy again" to get the new. I tried to get an answer from support on this, but since I'm not a new purchaser of their updated product of Ad-Aware "Plus", I don't have this ability to do so. I also tried to register with my existing [older] password etc., and it wasn't accepted. Therefore, I'm forced to create the new password and username which has permitted me to write this. I'll try the free edition but have since gone to other spyware providers. Not happy with Lavasoft in it's ability to drop previous customers so easily.