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  1. Hi, yes, i did exactly what you said to do many times. i first uninstalled the program. Then i made sure to download the latest version and installed it. I input the new key and the server verified the update successful. After restarting the software, the license status still shows my old license key status. I tried the same procedure a few more times and now the server says that the license key is invalid now This situation is stated on a support forum request i submitted last week as well. John
  2. Hi Raziel, :-) I sent in a support a week ago and still have not received a response :-( So i came to the forums. John
  3. Hey guys, I decided to renew my licenses last week. I promptly received the new codes after purchasing the renewals. After uninstalling the programs and reinstalling them. I entered the 'new' keys. The registration servers acknowledged that the updates were successful. I then proceeded to shut down Ad Aware and restart it. The license status still shows my old license status and does not show the update change to 36 months. I tried the update a few more times trying to get it to change. Now the server says that my serial numbers are invalid????????????? Please help!!! Happy customer...till now... John