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  1. Hi Casey Boy, When I said I paid 10 pounds (English) it was a voluntary contribution to maintain antivirus research towards the Ad-Aware Free service. I therefore have no access to expensive experts, but appreciate your generous support. Thanks, Mark L
  2. After installing Ad-Aware Ann Ed to replace an ailing 2008 version, I got the error message "failed to connect to service" Following the helpful guidelines on the forum blogger and helpful troubleshooting suggestions on the Lavasoft website - STILL NOTHING!! I have uninstalled Ad Aware using Revo & reinstalled it, 'installed' a Lavasoft Ad-Aware service manually, and still no service in local services directory. I have treid to "run this programme" in the Ad-Aware Service.exe and Admin.exe, but found no option for Windows XP (only up to 2000). Please help me, or I will have to revert back to Ad-Aware 2008, to get any protection at all. All this fun for only $10 initial subscription. Mark L