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  1. Spike, I uninstalled SE again and installed the latest version of AAW 2007. I did get error message. The following is quick summary of what happens. It's like going around in circle and getting nowhere. Problem with downloading of def. files continues after installing latest free version. Install went ok. Update download appears to be happening. Even get Update complete notification. But after clicking OK, message appears indicating that an error occurred and suggestion to do web update. Doing update again results in message that def. files are not current. Attempt to go through process again gets same result. Or lack of result. It appears that there is problem with the software. Please advise. Thanks, Rita
  2. I was having the same problem with Ad-Aware SE Personal. I decided to install 2007. When I could not perform webupdate, I uninstalled 2007 and reinstalled SE. After reading several messages, I understand that SE is no longer being supported and understand why I could no longer get updates for that. But why are we having problem with 2007? Has anyone sent you word on how to solve the problem? TIA, RitaEK