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  1. Casey, I don't know what the above is but I clicked on it, it brought up the Flashget page for Downloads with the above data. When Flashget started to download it ran about 2 seconds and ended. It then wanted me to send an email and it mentioned something about a 'Crash'. So, I guess it won't work. I did notice the size was only about 14 meg, while the actually AE free is 34.9 meg. Bob
  2. Casey, I will stick with 2008 for now. It will upset me if I have to download it again. I do have a question: Since I am on dial-up and Juno times me out after a while I use 'Flashget' to get my downloads. If I try to download from the prompt when I start ADAWARE 2008 it automatically starts another browser using internet explorer to do the download. Thus, I downloaded it from another site(not sure now what site it was). Is there a way I can put your site to download from into Flashget so Flashget will actually download it from your site??????????????????? Bob
  3. Yes, I am logged on as administrator. I am running XP home edition with SP3. Sorry took me so long to answer, had a bad night last night. I have adaware 2008 installed now and don't want to uninstall it until I know I am able to install the AE version. Am I doing something wrong?? Bob
  4. Hello Lavasoft people, I need some help here. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Now have previous level and want to update to latest free one. Bob
  5. I just finished downloading AE(I guess it is free, it was 32.4 MB) on a dial-up line. I try to install by double clicking the program and I get message 'cannot start setup. Setup file may be corrupt or you may have the wrong password'. I am now using the previous free version and when I start it it asks me if I want to download so I assume it means download another free version. What gives, did I actually download the wrong one, or, is it broke, or, did I do something else stupid??? Took me two days to get it downloaded to begin with. Please help me if you can. Bob
  6. Can not update anymore. Last night got msg program update available, do you want to go to xxxxxxxx site? I replied yes. Started downloading(I think) said xxxxxx.exe 1 of 1 and progress bar went to 20%, then back to 1%, up to 12%, then back to 1%. I finally cancelled it. Tried again tonight. Did not say a thing about program update, started download(I guess) and progress bar went over to about 30-35 percent and hung. You people must have a problem. I also think you need to speed up the downloads for dial up users. Dial up is the only option I have where I live and even when it works it takes forever. Now I can not get it to update at all. Running Windows XP, SP2, internet explorer. Use AVG also. PLease help.
  7. Would someone please direct me to a product that does the same thing as ADAWARE? I am sick of this runaround trying to get it to run and download. When I first installed it months ago it would hang scanning folders. Took them months to get that fixed. Now it has been days since I have been able to update. Who knows how long it will take them to fix the download update problem. There must be something out there much more reliable.
  8. I can no longer get updates. I got last update on 7/26 with no problem. Today I have tried numerous times and it says ERROR, no connection available. That is incorrect because I am able to do everything else on the internet, including downloading other files. I wish Lavasoft would monitor these forums continually and get these things fixed. It seems like everytime there is a problem it takes them forever to fix it.
  9. This version is a piece of crap. I spent two months ever getting it to complete its first scan. A few days ago I updated the definition file and also got some program update. Now when I try to start it I get a 1814 error. This is just a complete mess, and I can no longer spend my time screwing with it. I have deleted it, and will no longer purchase anything from this place. so long, and good riddance. Bob
  10. Nope, changing that did not help. After reading many problems in this forum I feel no one at Lavasoft really cares if it works or not. Why is that?? If you can't make the free version work why in the world would I ever purchase a product from you. PLEASE LAVASOFT, help me here. Bob Cook
  11. HI Raziel, I don't know who you are but that did not fix it. I changed what you said, started it up and it ran all night and was hung on folders conditional again. WILL SOMEONE FROM LAVASOFT PLEASE FIX THIS. I AM ABOUT TO UNINSTALL IT AND FIND SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I wish I had a phone number of someone to call also. Bob Cook
  12. Not happy with new version. Starts running and never gets done. Looks like it hangs when on folders. Just got latest update and still fails. It also seems to take forever just to get the update. I am on XP, latest updates, modem connection is all I have available. HELP Bob Cook